Monday, September 12, 2005

2008 Straw Poll (Both Parties)

I just posted a straw poll on the sidebar and included most candidates I've heard rumors about running or those encouraged to be drafted to run. While this is a Republican site, I included some democrat choices as well for the visitors of the other party.

I voted for Mark Sanford for reasons mentioned here and here.

As for Mr. McCain and Mr. Pataki:


John Lane said...

You should have added Feingold.

Anonymous said...

Get "Braveheart" off this site!
Garbage masquerading as history!
Russ S.

Paleoconservative said...

I didn't include Sanford because he was not included in most of the other polls I have seen (I took my list from the Pat Rufini one).

Republican Michigander said...

Sorry John, (John Lane from Kos?) - there wasn't enough room.

If I put in Feingold, I'd have to take out one of the others.

Republican Michigander said...

Russ - I can see why you wouldn't like Braveheart. :)

Miller - I remember the Ruffini poll. I made the same comment on his site about Sanford/Pawlenty. Voted for Newt there, although I'll switch to Allen if he can convince me he's a fiscal conservative.

true believer said...

I thought this was a blog? Whay should Braveheart be removed?

Republican Michigander said...

True Believer - It's a running English/Celtic inside joke.