Friday, August 11, 2006

Macomb Politics

From the AP

STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. (AP) — At least one Macomb County commissioner is questioning Prosecutor Eric Smith's proposal to ban his assistant prosecutors from running against him or making political contributions to his election opponent.

Smith described the language as a "no-compete" clause in a proposed contract for the 60 assistants and said it has nothing to do with staffers who might want to replace him.

"I more than welcome all comers for the job. This is strictly about keeping politics out of the office," Smith told The Detroit News for a Friday story.


This seems to insert politics in the office to me. Is first-termer Smith worried about competition in a swing county?


RKG said...

I think Smith just wants to make certain that those who work for him share his values and are as reflective of the community they serve as he is. After all who would want someone who doesn't share their values and what better way to get there then to root out and get rid of those who might feel otherwise. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? It's what happens when you inject partisanship where it doesn't belong!

Count Me Red said...

rkg -

Everything to do with elections is partisan. We just need to expose it for what it is and let the people decide. No getting elected by hiding the truth from the people who most need to know. NO Theresa Brennan for Judge.

RKG said...

Pardon me but I thought putting the best person for the job in the office was what elections are about. Partisanship is, at best and in theory, a shorthanded why of identifying those who share certain common ideas. In reality partisanship has become a club used to limit debate and beat down those who might otherwise advance ideas opposed by a vocal minority in the party. We've allowed partisanship to serve as a substitute for thought and analysis. I doubt very few people really understand what "their" party believes and bet that a lot of people who claim allegience to one party or another would actually disagree with many issues advanced by that party. My thoughts apply equally to both the Dems and the GOP. I'm not so niave as to believe that politics are not a part of the election process even in non-partisan races but I am trying to distinguish between politics and partisanship. Will Smith be a better prosecutor because he is a Democrat or a Republican? No. Will Drick be a better judge because he is Republican? No. Vote for him because you think he has the skills and abilities that will make him a good prosecutor or a good judge. I honestly believe all of us will be better off if we concentrate on putting the best person in the office.