Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mitt Romney's 2008 Michigan Team

I saw this in Hotline. The big battle so far is McCain/Romney. I'm not sold on either of them myself and am keeping my powder dry unless Pence or Sanford surprise me and jump in.

From Hotline

Speaker Craig DeRoche Co-Chairman; Speaker, Michigan State House of Representatives
John Rakolta, Jr. Co-Chairman; 2004 Bush Ranger, Chairman and CEO – Walbridge Aldinger Corporation
David Fischer Co-Chairman; Chairman and CEO, The Suburban Collection
Scott Romney Michigan State University, Board of Trustees; Attorney
L. Brooks Patterson Oakland County Executive
Congressman Joe Knollenberg U.S. Representative, 9th District
Yousif Ghafari 2004 Bush Ranger, Chairman – GHAFARI, Inc
Bill Danhof 2000 and 2004 Bush Pioneer; Managing Partner, Miller Canfield
J.C. Huizenga 2000 Bush Pioneer
Ed Levy, Jr. 2004 Bush Pioneer; President, Edward C. Levy Company
Bob Liggett 2004 Bush Pioneer; Chairman, Liggett Management
Paul Welday 2000 and 2004 Bush Pioneer, Former Oakland County Chairman
Peter Karmanos Chairman and CEO, Compuware
Robert Taubman Chairman and CEO, Taubman Company
Ronna Romney Former U.S. Senate Candidate
Rep. Daniel Acciavatti State Representative
Rep. Fran Amos State Representative
Rep. Richard Ball State Representative
Rep. Darwin Booher State Representative
Rep. Jack Brandenburg State Representative
Rep. Tom Casperson State Representative
Rep. Bruce Caswell State Representative
Rep. Bill Caul State Representative
Rep. Judy Emmons State Representative
Rep. David Farhat State Representative
Rep. John Garfield State Representative
Rep. Shelley Goodman Taub State Representative
Rep. Geoff Hansen State Representative
Rep. David Hildenbrand State Representative
Rep. Jack Hoogendyk State Representative
Rep. Scott Hummel State Representative
Rep. Joe Hune State Representative
Rep. Rick Jones State Representative
Rep. Jerry Kooiman State Representative
Rep. Phil LaJoy State Representative
Rep. David Law State Representative
Rep. James Marleau State Representative
Rep. Tom Meyer State Representative
Rep. Gary Newell State Representative
Rep. Michael Nofs State Representative
Rep. David Palsrok State Representative
Rep. John Pastor State Representative
Rep. Phil Pavlov State Representative
Rep. Tom Pearce State Representative
Rep. Tonya Schuitmaker State Representative
Rep. Fulton Sheen State Representative
Rep. Rick Shaffer State Representative
Rep. John Stakoe State Representative
Rep. Bill VanRegenmorter State Representative
Rep. Howard Walker State Representative
Rep. Lorence Wenke State Representative
Paul Viar Michigan Republican State Committee Member – 10th District
Bob Hogan Huron County GOP Chairman
Terri Kowal Michigan Republican State Committee Member – 10th District
Nancy Danhof Member, Michigan Board of Education
Dennis Cowan Oakland County Republican Party Chairman
Jim Carabelli Macomb County Republican Party Chairman
Dr. Tim Tarry Eaton County Republican Party Chairman
Jon Williams Jackson County Republican Party Chairman
Anthony Stackpoole Chippewa County Republican Party Chairman
Robert Law Michigan Republican State Committee Member
David Frey West Michigan Business Leader
Dan DeVine 2004 Oakland County Bush/Cheney Campaign Chairman
The Hon. William Runco Michigan Republican State Committee Member -15th District
Ilija Letica CEO, Letica Corporation
Matt Kiriluk President, Kirco
Kevin Prokop Director, Questor
Mickey Shapiro Lautrec, Inc.
Robert Shumake CEO, Inheritance Capital Group
Jerry Roe Former Executive Director, Michigan Republican Party
Robert Anderson Former Michigan Republican State Committee member
Wendy Anderson Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member
Marianne Packer Former Michigan Republican State Committee member
Steve Linder Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member
Lori Wortz Former Michigan Republican State Committee Member


Keith Richards said...

Given that Romney is left of center within the Republican party, there are a few names on this list that really disappoint me, most notably Joe Hune. Joe should be more careful about who he endorses because it ultimately reflects back on him.

Patrick Flynn said...


Kevin, you should be happy. Our party is truly flirting with disaster.

Just like the TV show, Invasion, are these politicians in reality the trustworthy people they once were?

Reform is desperately needed more than ever before.

Kevin Davis Jr. said...


Mitt Romney is a conservative.

Keith Richards said...

Anyone can call themselves a conservative. Romney's actual record places him on the left side of the party along with the other old time country club Republicans.

Kevin Davis Jr. said...

Romney is a conservative. Rudy Giuliani fits your description not Mitt Romney.

Keith Richards said...

Well Kevin, I don't know what you consider to be conservative, but do a little reading on Romney and you will find that:

He is on record as being anti-2nd amendment;

He supports keeping abortion legal(although he says he personally opposes it;

He signed into law the biggest, most expensive, and most intrusive government mandated health care legislation in the entire U.S.;

He supports the creation of much tougher environmental regulations without regard to their effect on businesses and jobs;

Romney shows little interest in keeping government out of the lives of average citizens.

While he has gotten a lot of publicity for supporting the marriage amendment in MA, he has long been a supporter of gay rights and enjoys the support of gay organizations.

As a governor he has shown some fiscal discipline and supported tax cuts, but then Bush did too in Texas and President Bush has turned out to be one of the most free spending Presidents ever.

It is worth noting that Romney is a popular governor in one of the most liberal states in the US, a place where Republicans are almost as scarce as hens teeth. So before going around calling him a conservative, ask yourself why the voters in MA would support a conservative for Governor while electing liberals for almost every other significant office?

Kevin Davis Jr. said...

As Gov. of Mass. Mitt Romney has vetoed every bill that was pro-choice.

Mitt Romney also supports the FMA.

Mitt Romney has shown more than "some fiscal discipline". How many govenors have turned a $3 Billion deficit into a surplus, in the first year in office, without raising taxes?

Mitt Romney's healthcare plan is better than illegals getting a free ride on the backs of the legals every time that they go to the hospital.

Kevin Davis Jr. said...

Mitt Romney is more conservative than John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, or any other big player for the GOP nomination in 2008!

So who would you propose for the GOP nomination in 2008, Keith?

Keith Richards said...

Check out this website:

It does an item by item comparison of many different candidates for various offices. It is a good place to start when evaluating the political positions of established officeholders.

One of the complaints that I have about Romney is that he tends to straddle issues in such a way as to muddy the water, much like Bill Clinton and John Kerry do.

For example, he says he is personally against abortion but supports a woman's right to choose and his actual voting record is just as unclear.

He also has a long record of courting gay groups and enjoys the support of the Log Cabin Republicans, yet he turns around and supports the amendment defining marriage. So where does he stand? He can take either side of the issue depending on the politics of the group he is speaking to.

It is hard to find fault with his fiscal record, but it is easy to erase budget deficits during periods of prosperity. Yes, Michigan has been in a recession for so long it is easy to forget that the economy is booming elsewhere in the U.S.A., but it is.

As for Guiliani, practically everyone in the Republican party is to the right of him, even John McCain. But after doing an issue by issue comparison of Romney, he DEFINITELY falls into the "moderate" category rather than the "conservative" category.

Who to support is a bit tougher. In all honesty I can see things that I don't like about most of the candidates who seem likely to run. In the end I'll make a short list of the people who have a realistic chance of winning and who look like good Presidential material and support the most conservative candidate (using criteria that are most important to me) on the list. But I won't do this until after the November elections because that is when we'll REALLY find out who is/is not serious about running for President.

Kevin Davis Jr. said...


Visit "this link".

anonymous said...

It is ironic that I keep hearing people say "The Republican Party needs to move to the center", and here we have a Repulican with a centrist reputation working hard to portray himself as a conservative.

Keith Richards said...

You can say all you want about Romney being a conservative, but his health care plan is a very scary piece of socialist legislation. Romney calls himself conservative but his actions say otherwise.

I would encourage everyone to carefully read Romney's vison of health care as enacted in MA, then ask yourself if you want the federal government forcing this kind of socialized medicine down every citizens throat.

In the end, the truth is simple: if we want more heavy handed government intervention in our lives, vote for Romney. While I've not yet decided who I will be voting for, I've already decided that I WILL NOT be voting for Romney.

Michigan Straight Talk said...

Senator McCain is the most conservative candidate in the race who has a good chance against Hillary Clinton.

He is pro-life, co-chairman of the marriage amendment in Arizona, and is the biggest deficit hawk in the U.S. Senate.

Michigan Straight Talk said...


Virtous Woman said...

Romney is wrong for Michigan. Let him stay where he is. I am not wild about McCain but certainly like him better than Romney. Hillary Clinton would make a great President. Why is the uNited States so backward compared to the rest of the World, that a woman is not even considered. We need a smart woman in office. There are certainly an abundance of unfit for office men out there.