Thursday, October 26, 2006

More on the dangerous wingnut Jon Stryker

Bill Nowling at the Lunch Bucket Conservative has done a superb job at unconvering the shady gazillionaire Jon Stryker.

Campaign finance reports filed today with the Michigan Secretary of State show that Kalamazoo billionaire Jon Stryker has pumped in $4.6 million of his own money into the so-called "Coalition for Progress" while his sister, Patricia Stryker of Colorado Springs, contributed another $500,000.

There's more.

MSM Starting To Shine Light On Ultra-Liberal Billionaire Stryker's Hidden Agenda

And one more that covers what his agenda is

Over the years, ARCUS and Stryker have spent millions supporting benefits for same-sex couples, special rights to allow Gay couples to adopt, and efforts to get pro-homosexual courses included in elementary school curricula.

Leave the kids alone, Jonny.

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Communications guru said...

Bill Nowling is a coward. When I called him out on his outrageous lie that Bedford Township Clerk and Democratic Senate Candidate was responsible for state’s screwing up the printing of ballots in Monroe he shut the comments down. That’s your source? This is the typical stuff when he was a reporter her at the Press & Argus and when he worked for Persuasion, Inc. and tried to blackmail his former employer Mike Rogers. You two are definitely strangers to the truth.

As for the rest of your ridiculous post, this is from the Detroit News today,
“Dick DeVos has poured $34.6 million of his own fortune into the race for governor.” How the hell does that compared to Jon Stryker?

As for your final comment, don’t you mean, “leave the kids alone,” Mark and Denny?