Monday, August 27, 2007

Howell Gun Club expands land

Considering the amount of development that goes on, this is good to see. From the Ann Arbor News

....hrough the sale of $500 bonds, the club has almost hit its $124,000 target, securing not only the land, but a long-term place in the community.

According to former club president Rick Howard, the landowner contacted him in early 2006 and said he was looking to sell.

"We were more than interested in picking it up,'' said Howard, who is well aware of the legal troubles involving neighbors of the shooting range at the Island Lake State Recreation Area. Excessive noise allegations made by a neighboring homeowners has led to a legal battle that has been ongoing since 2003.

While no such noise allegations have been made against the Howell Gun Club, Howard said the added land will "create more of a buffer zone between the other land owners and us.''

To date, 37 club members have purchased bonds in various increments. "Some people have bought one bond, one person bought 30. It's all in what your finances will allow,'' said club secretary and longtime member Jeff Klueger.

Boasting a membership of 850, the Howell Gun Club has existed for almost 60 years at its 47-acre site on Jewell Road. There are no plans to move or expand, said Howard. The site already houses an indoor pistol range; outdoor 50-yard, 100-yard and 300-yard shooting ranges; and a trap and skeet shooting area. It is one of the most well-equipped ranges in the state, thanks in part to the original members who bought 40 $50 bonds in the early 1950s to buy the property - members like Merl Lybrink of Marion Township.

"I enjoy shooting and I feel strongly about preserving our rights to shoot for our family,'' said the father of four sons.

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