Monday, December 03, 2007

Service tax gone, replaced with another screwing instead

This is a case of pick your poison. Instead of being hung, drawn and quartered, we're just getting the electric chair thanks to Granholm zapping this state to death with her Matt Millenesqe leadership.

Now we got 22% surcharge on all businesses that pay the MBT. Cought it up!

I should mention that the service tax DID become law for a brief period, but apparently, the legislature said that the service tax law could be ignored. I'm uncertain about that, and would need to read that in depth to see if the intent matches the actual words of the law. They aren't trustworthy enough for me to take their word for it.

FIRE GRANHOLM! FIRE DILLON! Fire the Democrats! Fire Millen! They make Jimmy Carter look almost competent.

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