Friday, April 04, 2008

Cindy Denby running for Joe Hune's seat (47th District)

The Argus just reported the worst kept secret in the county. It is now official and Cindy Denby is running for Hune's seat.

Cynthia Denby, Handy Township supervisor and a top aide to Rep. Joe Hune,
R-Hamburg Township, filed paperwork Friday to run for Hune's seat in the
state House.

Denby has worked for Hune for 5 years, has been township supervisor for 8
years, and served as township clerk for 8 years before that. It's that
experience that Denby said makes her the best candidate. She said her top
issues would be managing the state budget, education, and promoting the
state of Michigan.

So far, one other Republican has filed to be a candidate: Carl Konopaska,
grandson of longtime magistrate Sonny Erdman. County Commissioner Donald
Parker said he is considering a run as well.

Denby and Konopaska are seeking to represent 47th district, which consists
of the townships of Hartland, Tyrone, Deerfield, Cohoctah, Howell, Handy,
Conway, Iosco, Unadilla, Putnam, Hamburg, the village of Pinckney and the
city of Howell.

I think Cindy is the odds on favorite to win with geography on her side. She'll get most if not all of Hune's supporters, and also has the experience card to win. Joe was solid on the tax issues as well, which is a plus in this economy. I'm not sure anyone else will jump in or not, we'll see. Cindy did an extremely good job as Joe's aide. I've dealt with her on several occassions during the time I lived in Howell and was in this district. I have no worries on the competence issues.

I no longer vote here, but that's where I'd be leaning right now if I did.

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