Monday, March 29, 2010

Yet another new law we don't need

Politicians want to make it look like they are doing something in the name of safety, so they are about to create a new law that isn't needed. We have laws against careless and reckless driving. We have laws against crossing the double yellow line. We have laws against felonious driving, tailgating, speeding, and everything else. If someone is dumb enough to text and drive, he'll be breaking some other law at some point.

From the Detroit News

Lansing -- Michigan is closer to outlawing texting at the wheel with the Senate's passage Thursday of a no-texting law-- but the House and Senate remain divided over how to enforce a ban.

The House passed a ban on texting while driving as a secondary offense, meaning police could only enforce it if drivers are pulled over for something else -- like speeding or an illegal turn.

The Senate amended the House bill to make it a primary offense, meaning police could pull a driver over for texting at the wheel without another offense. It's up to the House to agree to the change, or the two chambers will have to work out a compromise.

From The Detroit News:

This is the interesting part. Primary v secondary.

AAA Michigan, Allstate and other auto insurers have called for a texting ban. Officials with the Michigan State Police have said they would prefer that texting be a primary offense

Of course they want a primary offense classification. More money for the coffers. This is not about safety, but more tickets.

The votes in the house (secondary offense) is 105-2, with Geiss and Bledsoe voting no. Geiss voted no because he thought it should be a primary offense. The senate bill passed. 22-10. The no votes are Bishop, Jansen, Nofs, Sanborn, Brown, Kuipers ,Patterson, Stamas, Garcia, McManus, Richardville. I think the only controversey within the group is primary v secondary. I hope it doesn't pass, because new laws aren't needed.

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