Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Michigan Capitol Chronicle finds another smoking gun on the BS "Tea Party" (BSTP)

Yesterday, I posted some smoking guns on the BSTP. There's plenty more.

Here's the latest:

Democratic Party Political Director Linked to Mysterious Tea Party Political Party
A tea party organizer says he has found the smoking gun that links the Democratic Party to the controversial "Tea Party" that is running candidates and seeking official ballot status in Michigan.

A "Jason Bauer" is listed on recent federal election documents and state campaign donation documents as the "political director" of the Oakland County Democratic Party. A "Jason H. Bauer" signed the affidavits as the notary on nine of the mysterious Tea Party Political candidates' paperwork turned in to the state of Michigan.

A "Jason H. Bauer" has registered twice to run for office in Oakland County, once as a Democrat in May of this year. Both times, the Auburn Hills home address given by "Jason H. Bauer" is the same as the "Jason Bauer" who is identified as the Oakland County Democratic Party political director on the state and federal campaign documents.

The "Jason H. Bauer" signature on the Oakland County document also appears substantially similar to the notary signatures on the Tea Party political party candidate filings revealed this week.

Now we have a Jason Bauer to go with these four clowns:

Mark Steffek. Steffek is the chair and treasurer of the BSTP. Steffek's political donations include David Bonior for Governor and the UAW's PAC. The UAW leadership and Bonior? Far leftist democrats. Check the donation reports, which are all online at the Secretary of State's website

Thomas Murdock. He and his wife Joyce donated $100 to Andy Dillon. Joyce also supports anti-hunting committees. No real tea party supporter would donate to Dillon or anti-hunters, but the BSTP does. Source - Secretary of State

Frantt Whitehall. Frantt donated to Garnet Lewis, Sharon Tillman, Mike Huckleberry. Robert Whitehall of the same address gave to Clinton County Democrats. Source - Secretary of State.

David Polzin. He donated to Bart Stupak. No real tea party supporter would donate to Stupak, but the BSTP is another story. If that's not good enough. David Polzin of Menominee gave $10 to Grand Traverse Democrats, and $55 to Granholm, and $50 to Michigan House Democrats fund.

There's more on Bauer:

On the Oakland County Democratic Party website, Jason Bauer was listed as the contact and a member of the Host Committee for the party for Mike McGuinness, the chairman of the party.

The Detroit Democratic Party Meetup Group has a Jason Bauer page. On that page, Jason Bauer introduces himself as a member of the Oakland County Democratic Party and as a candidate for the Auburn Hills City Council. When Bauer filed paperwork to run for the Auburn Hills City Council, he identified himself as Jason H. Bauer.

On the Federal Elections Commission website, Congressman Gary Peters itemized his donations. A May 4, 2009, donation of $200 lists Jason Bauer as the contributor and lists his employer as the Oakland County Democratic Party and his occupation as "Political Director."

Don't be fooled by the BSTP.


Communications guru said...

Smoking gun?

Again, it’s finally nice to see that you are finally dropping that bullshit about the teabaggers being nonpartisan and are just upset about “out of control government spending” and admit they are just the militant, racist arm of the Republican Party. It never was a “grassroots” effort, and it was organized, financed and staged by the GOP.

Nice to see teabaggers finally coming out of the closet.

Chris said...

Wow Guru. Are you one of those libs that get teabagged or are you the bagger? Are you gay? Is that why you talk about teabagging as if that is a hobby of yours? I've noticed that it is the racist that are calling the Tea Party racist. Why is that? Where you one of those democraps that "voted for the white half"? I heard a lot of that from you neo-racists liberals. Is that picture of you in a Mao uniform? At least you are a proud communist. Cheers brother. You may want to add GAY to your profile. Just trying to help.

Communications guru said...

I’m neither. The small fringe group of Republicans upset that President Obama was elected are teabaggers. That’s the name they called themselves, not me.

But I am a liberal. Am I gay? What does it matter, and what does my sexual orientation have to do with anything? Somehow, I think teabaggers think teabagging is a homosexual act. You do know that’s not the case? “I've noticed that it is the racist that are calling the Tea Party racist?” Who would that be? I know the teabaggers are racist.

I voted for Barrack Obama, the man; his race or ethnicity had nothing to do with it. "voted for the white half?” Tell me again who is racist? No, that’s a picture of me in U.S. Navy issue dungarees.

Hey, if you want to think I’m gay, that’s fine with me. I’m a proud liberal and a Democrat, by the way, not a communist.

Chris said...

OK maybe your not gay but yiou sure as heck are stupid. How can you say that Tea Partiers call themselves "teabaggers"? That is a lie and just plan stupid. Maybe you should read the post I did today about racism and you will see how dumb you libs sound with your "you racist" rants.Have you been to a Tea Party? Have you talked to a Tea Partier? Have you seen any of the violence you idiots on the left keep saying is going to happen? Where is all that racism proof or don't you need any? See you libs think we are racist because if you were in our possition you would be racist. That is the only proof you have. And if it talks and walks like a communist...

Chris said...

Don't forget to vote Aug 3. Take a look at for a great conservative running for Macomb County Commissioner as a Republican. Perna is a RINO that used to be a Democrat until 2006. We don't need more RINO's in this state.

Communications guru said...

“How can you say that Tea Partiers call themselves "teabaggers"? Easy, it’s true. And again, if you want to call me gay, that’s fine.

There is no doubt many teabaggers are racists. Some of the non-Republican Party promoters of the so-called “tea parties” were white supremacist groups. Yes I have been to a “tea party,” and I have reported on it. Yes. Yes.

“See you libs (sic) think we are racist because if you were in our possition (sic) you would be racist.” I have no idea what lie you are trying to push here, or even what you are trying to say. Again, many teabaggers, not all, are racist. Again, I am a proud Liberal Democrat.

Chris said...

How do you explain the Los
Angeles/Bloomberg poll that asked people of both parties if they would vote for a black presidential candidate. 4% of Democrats said they wouldn't vote for a black presidential candidate. While only 3% of Republicans said they wouldn't vote for a black presidential candidate. That is 25% more racist in the Democratic Party. That is over 3 million bigots in the Democratic Party,Guru. And you call the Tea Partiers racist? You are in a world of your own little buddy. And I could care less how gay or not gay you are. If you want to dress up in Village People garb and talk about "teabaggers" go for it. It is obvious you don't care what people think or you wouldn't act so questionable. I really don't care that your gay. To each their own. But calling the Tea Partiers "teabaggers" and racist is just not true and you can't prove it. So will you now report on the fact that Democrats are 25% more racist then Republicans? Will you report on the fact that the Democratic party sees the tewa partiers as racist because of their inharent racism? I'd love to knopw why you think so many more Democrats are racist over Republicans?

Communications guru said...

Apparently, you have never been to a “tea party.” And yes, I call the teabaggers racist because the majority are racitist. If you “could care less how gay or not gay” I am then why did you ask, “Are you gay? Is that why you talk about teabagging as if that is a hobby of yours?”

Again, teabaggers is the name teabaggers called themselves, and I’m sticking with it. What exactly is “Village People garb,” and why is that relevant?

Of course I care what people think or I wouldn’t blog and back it up with facts. Sorry, the majority of teabaggears are racist. No, I won’t “report on the fact that Democrats are 25% more racist then Republicans” because it’s simply not true.

Chris said...

Guru for a guy that isn't gay then why dost thou protest too much? And yes I've been to many Tea Party protests. I've also got the anti-tea party protest on my blog. Just look at those nutcases. One guy has a tinfoil hat on. Could that be you little buddy?I gave you proof of a poll from a left wing paper and where is your proof you silly little sailer boy? Is it just in your head. Where is that racist proof you have that "most teabaggers are racist"? The truth is something you obvoiusly can't handle. Google The Village People and you will see what I'm talking about.The new poll out today says that condifence in the government is at an all time low. That means it's lower now then under Bush or anyone. Now how will you spin that? Let me guess,"it's Bush's fault" or "the teabaggers did it". You are a great Democrat so keep up the good work little buddy. We Republicans couldn't do it without you factless fools. Enjoy quizing yourself on the facts. But I'm sure you wont look at the facts because they just stand in the way of you ideology. Shit didn't get better under Democrat rule. It's gotten much worse thanks to the Democrats far left agenda and policies. I know you think the Democrats are doiing a great job even though you can't prove it. And the Tea Party is mostly racist even though there aren't pictures to prove it. Anbd the economy is doing better even though it doesn't show and your not gay even though your begging me to believe you. Once again thou dust protest too much. I believe you. Bwaaahahahaha. Only in the liberal mind does anything you say make sence.

Communications guru said...

I’m not protesting anything. First, I never said I was gay, and I never said I wasn’t. You brought it up, not me. If it makes you feel better to think I’m gay, then fine, I’m gay, but it is completely irrelevant.

I too have been to “tea parties,” I saw the racist signs. The only thing I got out of it, was that they hate the President, and Democrats, of course.

You gave me proof of nothing, other than your badly written opinion. I would never vote for an African-American president just because he’s black either. By the way, have you ever heard of punctuation or a dictionary?

I’ve never seen a “left wing paper,” and that the hell is a “silly little sailer boy.”

Sorry, “Shit did get better under Democrat (sic) rule.” We are coming out of the Bush recession, the worst since the Great Depression. By the way, it’s Democratic rule.

Chris said...

By the way,it's actually Democratic Party rule. And who said anything about voting for a man JUST because he is black? 4% of Democrats wouldn't vote for a black presidential candidate. Get it? I'm starting to see why you like the Democratic Party so much. You just don't get anything. The Democrastic Party does like their ignorant sheeples. And you sound like one of their leaders to me. Blaaaah blaaaaah blaaaah. Keep pushing the racist card it's working wonders for your party. Now if you want to keep talking like a sausage go for it. Or we can start over and get to the issues little buddy?

Chris said...

Guru, why isn't the Democratic Party running on their acomplishments like the Stimulus bill,obamacare,their handling of the wars,the debt and national security? Why is it they aren't running on their accomplishments? If they are doing such a great job why can't they run on it? And if GM is doing so well why does Obama have to come to Michigan to SELL IT? It should sell itself if it was good shouldn't it? Or is all that our fault like the Democratic Party keeps pushing?

Communications guru said...

Actually, its Democratic Party rule. I’m not buying your baseless opinion on Democrats not voting for African-Americans. The Southern Strategy sent all the Dixicrats over to the GOP years ago. I’m glad you see why I like the Democratic Party so much because I support working men and women and basic fairness. The problem is you’re too busy with the childish insults to “get to the issues.”

The Democratic Party is running on its accomplishments.

Chris said...

It's not an opinion it's a poll. Are you really this dense or are you just playing dumb? No Guru the Democratic Party supports non-working Americans it's the Republican party and business,which Democrats hate, that support the working Americans by giving them jobs The Democratic party doesn't want fair. The Democratic Party wants social justice not equal justice. Equal justice is fair. I insulted you because you insulted me as a Tea Partier. I wanted to show you what it's like to deal with a name caller like yourself. It's some of your own medicine. It looks like the old saying of dishing it out but not being able to take it ring true again. So why isn't the Democratic Party running on what they have acomplished? Could it be because Americans hate what the Democratic Party gave us? It must really suck knowing how big and powerfull the Tea Party has gotten. One the Tea Party conservative movement takes over the Republican Party we're coming after the Democratic Party next. We will root out you Progressives/liberals out of the governemnt. We are winning and you libs can't stand it. We will make this country stronger by makeing both parties conservative again. Keep up the good work Guru you are bring more people to our side then you know. You're better then Bruce Fealk and JoeC on my blog. Thanks for making the Republican party look soooooo fricking good.

Rob Sisson said...

Where are our Secretary of State and attorney general on this case? Having participated in Republican conventions for three decades, there are specific laws governing the process (like nominating conventions). I can't find any indication that any legal "call to convention" went out the the people who signed those petitions. More likely, the guy behind this and his funder met in his basement rec room and nominated the slate.

Doesn't sound legal to, why aren't our top two officials taking legal action?