Thursday, July 29, 2010

No Rick Snyder for governor. Anybody in the primary but Rick Michigan.

It's no secret who I've voted for this primary. Mike Cox. I have my positives and negatives on all the candidates who are running, except there is one candidate who I hope loses this August. Rick Snyder. I'm not sure I can even support him in November. That is how much I am against Rick Snyder. I will have a real tough time being able to vote for him due to his economic liberal ties, social liberalism, failure to answer questions without being evasive, and most of all his outsourcing of jobs away from America. I won't vote for Dillon or Bernero, nor any BSTP candidate, but Rick hasn't earned a general election vote from me, even by lesser of two evil standards. I don't like Bernero or Dillon's politics, but I don't have the same personal dislike for them that I did with John Kerry or Barack Obama and their uber arrogance and elitism. Personally, I like Dillon from the few times I've met him. I never met Bernero, but I like how he's unafraid to take a stand. I respect that, even if I disagree. Dillon's at least somewhat pro-life and somewhat pro-2nd Amendment. That gives me more of a conscience to leave the race blank since I don't find much difference between Rick Michigan and Dillon on other issues. Bernero's to his left, but at least he's against outsourcing. Rick's got work to do to earn my general election vote.

Normally, Rick Michigan would not be a threat. However, with a five way primary, we could have a repeat of Joe Schwarz. If one of the conservative campaign ran away with this in the primary, this would not be a problem. The main reason RTL and the Chamber endorsed Mike Cox is likely because Cox won statewide twice, was a conservative, is not afraid to make tough decisions, and was leading in many of the polls. The other reason is to stop Rick Michigan. It's close, and here's the latest poll from WXYZ.


An exclusive WXYZ – Detroit Free Press poll conducted by EPIC MRA for its statewide media partners has Snyder ahead by 2 points with 26 percent of the vote. Cox is in second place with 24 percent followed by Hoekstra with 23 percent. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard is in fourth place with 10 percent and State Senator Tom George of Kalamazoo is last with 1 percent. Fourteen percent are undecided.

I don't know accurate that poll is, but I've seen the large split before. 2004. Schwarz, DeWeese (now a democrat), Bisbee, Walberg, DeRossett, and Smith. That was my concern then, and that's my concern now with Rick Michigan taking the role of Joe Schwarz and Cox, Bouchard, Hoekstra, and George taking the spots of the rest of them.

Unfortunately, I don't think Rick Snyder has been effectively vetted. If he was, this wouldn't be close, even with the five way split. These are the reasons why I can not support Rick Michigan, who as far as I'm concerned is more of the mealy mouthed Jennifer Granholm, Ken Sikkema, Rick Johnson establishment type of Lansing problem running as an outsider.


Outsourcing. Rick Snyder is an outsourcer. This is Michigan. This is a manufacturing state. I know that we need to diversify our economy, but that does not mean we throw manufacturing under the bus. Our jobs belong here and not China. Gateway Computers, under Rick Snyder's leadership at Chairman, sent jobs to China and Mexico. That's an indisputable fact. I have picture proof of the outsourcing from a 1996 or 1997 Gateway, which was created during the time of Rick Snyder being the president. I go into more details of his outsourcing here which also has the pictures.

Even if you are a supporter of outsourcing, something I despise, you do not want to support Rick Snyder. Outsourcers do not do well in Michigan. It is the ultimate sin in politics. NAFTA, GATT, and Most favored nation trade status in China. Just the rumor of outsourcing was a major factor in the defeat of Dick DeVos. With Rick Michigan, it's not rumor, it's fact, and combine that with social conservatives not liking him very much. Rick Snyder will lose in November. I know what the poll says now, but who will vote for a jobs-killer? Virg Bernero will have a field day against this guy.

Life - That's a big issue to me. Rick Snyder is not pro-life. He dumped $20,000 supporting proposition 2 which promotes research of human embryoes, and outlaws discouraging of it, whichever that means.

Rick Michigan did not sign a no tax pledge.

Rick Michigan supports racial preferences and opposed the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative.

Questionable supporters - Joe Schwarz is well known for being pro-abortion, pro-embryo research, a gun grabber, and a RINO (supporting Mark Schauer, a yesman for Obama in Congress). Bill Milliken, another RINO, supported Obama, Granholm, and John Kerry, and is the most pro-abortion (tax funded), anti-hunting, and anti-2nd Amendment governor in Michigan history. I rarely use the term RINO anymore and safe it for those who support democrats. Schwarz and Milliken qualify. Milliken gave us the Single Business Tax and lead Michigan through its last exodus. No thanks.

Center for Michigan - That was created as opposition to the fiscal conservative Mackinac Center. Phil Power, former owner of the Livingston County Press/Hometown Newspapers runs the show. Power's a longtime democrat (although supported Joe Schwarz republicans too) and supported several tax increases in his editorials. Others at the Center for Michigan include fiscal liberals and ex-politicians like Bill Milliken, Doug Ross, Paul Hillegonds, (Detroit Renaissance/Business Leaders for Michigan - and its services tax), and Joe Schwarz.

Snyder was the first MEDC chair. Government picking winners and losers. Snyder's company received millions from MEDC.

What plan? Most of his plan presented was powerpoint style fluff. It's good for talking points, but does not have details. That contrasts to Mike Cox who has detailed plans on his website.

Lemons - Last but not least, my 1998 Gateway was an expensive piece of junk that went through three motherboards and two hard drives. I haven't gone back to them and do not plan to do so.

We need to stop Rick Snyder during this primary. Right now if the polls are to be believed, Mike Cox has the best chance to stop him. One thing I can say is that I know what Mike's going to do. He made his promises to me as AG regarding 2nd Amendment issues and kept them. He was not afraid to take a stand on MCRI or life issues. He was not afraid to take a stand on economic issues regarding taxes and spending. He's walked the walk besides talking the talk and has my support.


Rob Sisson said...

You are so far off base regarding Rick Snyder.

Out-sourcing: So, your choice would have been to keep those jobs here and have the company go completely under because it was no longer competitive with the rest of the industry? That would have cost every job and any wealth accumulated by shareholders. There was no other option but to make the company competitive (umm...kind of like we need to make Michigan competitive now).

Pro-Life: The number one reason why women choose abortion is because of their economic situation. Rick is the only candidate who has created thousands of new jobs, taken innovation to the market place, and invested heavily in Michigan start up businesses.

Rick is the only candidate who has spoken out, too, about the connection between clean air and water and healthy lives. The other candidates support up to five new coal electricity plants in Michigan (which, according to the PSC are not needed and would drive up consumer's monthly bills). Those plants would dump tons of mercury into Michigan's water and air...endangering unborn and young children. Pro-life covers a wider spectrum than you wish to define it.

Only a jaded politician would sign the "no tax" pledge to appease a specific constituency. Michigan's tax structure needs to be changed. So, if we dump the MBT, but add another less costly tax...anyone who signed that pledge will be pilloried by those people who fomented the pledge. I'd rather vote for an intellectually honest candidate, than one who resorts to gimmicks like these useless pledges.

MEDC: Rick was appointed by John Engler...I guess under your definition, then, Engler is a RINO. Plus, Rick ran MEDC when it actually attracted jobs to the state.

While I'm an arch-conservative, I'm sensing the great disgust among the majority of the electorate over politics as usual.

Not-A-RINO said...

My vote is for Mike Bouchard. You made the charge that Bouchard is for a service tax, but failed to mention it was all right by the Sheriff "as long as it's revenue- neutral" and NOT a tax increase. With the exception of the "prebate check", isn't this basically a version of the Fair Tax anyway?

Bouchard is pro-life;
Is serious about reducing costs of government; and has actually had to run a governmental department and meet budgets (Oakland County Sheriff/Jail); and stands against ObamaCare.

Hoekstra doesn't impress me and supported bailouts; Cox liked to rub elbows with Kwame Kilpatrick, a corrupt politician and now a convicted felon; Snyder is in favor of raising taxes and then cutting the budget (News Item: Mr. Snyder - When was the last time you heard anyone complaining Michigan's government was too small?); Tom George doesn't stand a chance as a dark horse, but may be up and coming in the future.

Regardless of which Republican candidate anyone likes, be sure to vote your conscience on August 3rd!

Dan said...

Rob - I agree that Michigan has to be made competitive, but outsourcing is one of our biggest problems. It's not just unskilled labor now being outsourced. It's skilled labor and tech jobs too. Why put in the years to study something when it's next in line to go to China. Competition is important, but competing with subsidies and $1 an hour pay is impossible.

Not a RINO - Bouchard is my 2nd choice. I like him, but I have a hard time getting past his 17 pt loss to Stabenow in 2006. It's not all his fault, as he didn't get any help from the party, but he could have gotten it to under 10%. Bouchard acted like he was talked into running in 06. How will he close the deal against Virg or Dillon?

Not-A-RINO said...


In this wretched economic climate of Michigan, I think any Republican could win against any Democrat pick. The thinking people of Michigan have had enough of the failed socialist policies of Granholm to last them a lifetime. If, by some unforeseen circumstance, a DEM wins the governorship in November, I think my idea of renaming Lansing to Havana would be a stellar tribute.

carraig said...

Cox - cheated on his wife and has the same qualifications as Jenny G.

Hoekstra - voted for unfunded Medicare Part D to get Pharma money (a $40 billion/yr giveaway)

Bouchard/Land - would be my first choice but won't get it done at 10% in the polls.

That leaves Snyder - New York had great success with Bloomberg - maybe Snyder can do the same for Michigan.

He is pro-life - but he supported stem cell research because it dealt with discarded embryos.

So Hoekstra corrupt, Cox -same quals as Jenny G, Bouchard too far behind to count.

That leaves Snyder.