Sunday, September 12, 2010

2012 Politico article

Politico is commenting the 2012 jockeying for the GOP challenger to the clustermuck currently living in the White House.

For decades it has been a truism that presidential campaigns just keep starting earlier and earlier. The 2012 Republican contest is hitting the brakes on that historic trend.
Even with President Barack Obama’s numbers slipping — and the Republican nomination starting to resemble a prize worth winning — the primary is on track to start later, and more cautiously, than it has in recent years.

There really isn't much said except that there is jockeying for position and waiting games.
Here's the thing. The frontrunner at this time, if any, may have very well been Former Senator and Governor George Allen. That was derailed on November 2006 when he lose re-election. Two years is a long time.

They listed Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels, and Tim Pawlenty. On my own personal list, I have eliminated Romney and Palin. Romney is anti-gun and put in his own Obamacare with mandates. I also didn't like how some of his national staffers (who joined McCain) treated Palin, throwing her under the bus even before the election was over. Palin lost me when she quit as governor of Alaska. You fufill your contracts. Besides that, no 08 re-treads.

While I'd like to see Mike Pence jump into the race, I'll consider Barbour, Daniels, and Pawlenty. Barbour is where I'd lean right now, even though he's a little more establishment than I'd like. Barbour however is one thing that Obama is not, or frankly even Bush is not. Strongly Competent. Barbour government Mississippi through its biggest issue since the Civil Rights battles. Hurricane Katrina. Barbour is a contrast to Blanco in Louisiana and the mayor Nagin in New Orleans. Daniels has by all accounts I've seen, done a good job in Indiana. Pawlenty has won twice in Minnesota, a democrat state. None of them are part of the Washington cluster.

There may be more late bloomers after 2010, and I'll look more at 2012 after the 2010 elections when things can be analyzed with hard facts and data instead of speculation.


Angela said...

I keep telling myself that when we were in this stage of the 2008 season, we were all positive it was going to be Rudy and Hillary.

I'm leaning towards Daniels myself, but I have a terrible fear that Newt is resurrecting himself successfully.

I wonder if Christie will get the call?

Not-A-RINO said...

Personally, I like Palin - someone with guts to stand up to the CBC in Alaska, the oil companies and a host of other special interests. I can see why she chose to resign as governor as the liberal malcontents were having a field day with asinine lawsuits which cost the taxpayers a ton of money, she needed exposure in the other 49 states and she was working on a book. To say she is out of the race is quite a bit premature. Would the Liberals say Hillary is akin to last week's lunch? No way!

At this point I am not hooked onto any Republican candidate and will keep Sarah Palin in mind for 2012. As my name implies, you can bet the farm I will not be supporting any RINOs!