Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's on the ballot - 2010

While most of the hype in even numbered year elections goes to the gubernatorial race, there's plenty of other races that we will be voting on this year. If you are like me and not enthusiastic about taking one for the team in the gubernatorial race, there's others that are well worth our time, and candidates well worth our vote. Don't refuse to show up because of one person.

Supreme Court - THIS is one of the two most important races in 2010. Justice Robert Young is an incumbent of what was at one time considered by the Wall Street Journal the best Supreme Court in the country. Justice Elizabeth Weaver, the weakest member of the court IMO (including the democrats), is not running again, and we can have a major upgrade at that position. Judge Mary Beth Kelly will do a good job for us and deserves our support. DO NOT FORGET this race. The other judicial races are unopposed.

Secretary of State - We have a choice here between Ruth Johnson who has cleaned up corruption in Oakland County, and the leftist Secretary of State project supported by Convicted Criminal and corrupt insider trader George Soros. This is a clear choice. Ruth Johnson or Soros supporter Benson. Ruth Johnson needs to win.

AG - Bill Schuette has a record as a conservative. David Leyton's number one issue is the Obamacare lawsuit. He supports Obamacare.

Village elections. I don't know anything about the candidates here, but the villages of Fowlerville and Pinckney have their local elections. The candidate list of those offices are here.

School Boards are also up in some areas. There are contests in Brighton and Howell. Two openings. I'll try and get more posts on these before the elections as these are contested races.

Randy Swain - She ran in the past.
John Conely - I've seen his signs.
James Watters

Patricia Howle
Jan Lobur
Michael Moloney - He's been active campaigning and has been saying the right things on fiscal matters. He deserves a listen.
Doug Moore - He was supported by the Concerned Taxpayer's Group PAC in the past.
James Pratt - Ran in the past. Fiscally liberal and socially conservative. Self pro-claimed "blue dog" democrat and Obama supporter who referred to tea party participants with a certain slur. He still isn't my last choice.
Jason Raines
Marcus Wilcox
Mike and Kim Witt - They are running as a team. Kim's liberal. I don't know about Mike.
Michael Yenshaw - Was appointed on the board and he lost election after the appointment.

Also are the Ballot Proposals:

Proposal 1 is the con-con. This is Pandora's box. I'm voting no, but we better be prepared for it passing.

Proposal 2 is a constitutional amendment relating to certain felons holding public office. I'm voting no. I don't support voting for felons for public officers, but do we need a constitutional amendment for it? I don't usually vote to amend the constitution unless there's a good reason. If we need to amend the constitution to prevent those with felonies regarding dishonesty or breach of public trust holding office, then we have a much deeper problem in this state. If voters are dumb enough to elect George Soros types (convicted of inside trading) or worse, then they deserve what they get. This will probably pass 80-20, but I'll be in the 20.

Marion Township has a 1 mill road millage.

Putnam Township has a fire millage increase. .4695 mills.

Dexter Library (part of Putnam Township?) has a .6925 mill increase.

Downticket is just as important as the top of the ticket, and gets the least amount of attention.

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