Saturday, January 01, 2011

A New Era begins in Michigan - Don't blow it

We have a new year. We officially now have a new governor, a new state legislature, a new US House, and a less worse but still horrible US Senate (which is the worst political body of the last 30 years). I don't expect much change in DC, but there's no excuses at home.

The GOP controls the Governorship. The GOP controls the State House and State Senate. Notice that I didn't say conservatives. I said the GOP. Whether they are conservative or not remains to be seen.

Rick Snyder is an unknown. I hope he does a good job and keeps the Joe Schwarz types at bay. Snyder has a potential to be revolutionary as governor and really has a chance to reinvent Michigan if he does things right. He has what John Engler did not have for most of his career. Engler had a democrat house for six years and also had to deal with a lot of liberal republicans.

The state house and state senate needs to do its job. Their job is not to follow nor oppose Rick Snyder's agenda. Their job is to follow the right agenda. That means if Snyder's proposal is right, they need to back it. If it is wrong, reject it. When I voted for Bill Rogers and Joe Hune, I had no intention to vote for followers. I know Joe isn't anybody's follower, and is known to be blunt about it, sometimes to me, especially over the backing of a certain candidate last election - he knows who. Bill's his own guy, especially on appropriations measures. I've seen Bill's politics evolve over the last five years, especially with the tax increase passed by a previous legislator and the souring of the economy. Bill was the guy in the office of the family housing business. He saw it all first hand.

There are tough choices and no excuses. If the GOP blows like, like they blew 2002-2006 (and 06-08 in the minority), there will be a shellacking across the board just like the one taken by the democrats in most states. It will be WORSE than 1994 in reverse and worse than the combined 2006-2008. There is no mandate except this. Sound fiscal management. No tax increases. No big spending. No added debt. No police state style regulations. Competence. Humility. Small egos. Knowing who is in charge - the people. That's the starting point. The rest comes after that.

The party has two years to prove itself in Michigan. Don't blow it. Our state's future is on the line, not to mention our jobs.

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