Monday, November 07, 2011

Teach the MEA a lesson - Fiani and Rassel for Brighton School Board, and "NO" on Paul Scott's recall

The MEA has spent in the six figures going after Paul Scott because they don't like him. Most state rep races around here are about $25-40K, although they are higher in the 51st District. This is still an extremely large amount of money. If the MEA is so "pro-kids," why is it spending $120K+ going after Paul Scott. That money can go towards school districts instead of politics.

We can't let the MEA leadership and their shady tactics have the win. No on the Paul Scott recall.

Close to home in the Brighton School District, the MEA supported candidates are Bill Trombley and unofficially Beth Minert. I say unofficially because Minert is an MEA PAC donor, but does not want their endorsement because she is concerned about a backlash. Trombley wanted it and got it. Nick Fiani and Greg Rassel are the best choices.

However, there's more. There always is with an organization and its local affiliates ripe with Intolerance, questionable mailings, and outright lawbreaking.

How many folks in the Brighton School District got a postcard mailing from the Brighton Education Association? On it, it says "Paid for by Brighton Education Association." However, there is no PAC by that name listed at the County Clerks office, nor the Michigan Secretary of State. The BEA did it again.

There's only one thing to say to that........


Communications guru said...

You keep floating these disgusting lies, and again you can’t back them up. How many times do you have to be caught before you give it up?

Show me the “outright law-breaking” you keep screeching about.

They are “going after Paul Scott” because he is anti-public education, and his shitty record proves that. No, that money can’t “go towards school districts instead of politics” because it belongs to the members of the MEA. It’s the same as saying if Matty Moroun cares so much about the condition of Michigan’s roads then that $5 million worth of false ads can go towards roads instead of politics.

If the “the BEA did it again,” then file another complaint. With this ultra-partisan SOS you should have no problem getting sanctions. By the way, whatever happened to that complaint against the MEA from last year going where you “have it typed up, and I'm sending it in tomorrow. This will be filed?”

I see why you’re so afraid to defend the bullshit you spew.

Republican Michigander said...

If you think these are lies, go have your allies file a defamation claim. I'll tell you right now. They wouldn't win.

Communications guru said...

What bullshit. You can’t back it up or even respond to a challenge. I don’t speak for my “allies," but why would they spend the money to defend themselves against someone who has only one or two readers, including me? Of course they wouldn’t win because the standard for a union is pretty high, but that doesn’t hide the far that you are a liar.

I’ll just take this as proof you are a lair, and that you can’t back up what you say.

Again, whatever happened to that complaint against the MEA from last year where you “have it typed up, and I'm sending it in tomorrow. This will be filed?”