Sunday, March 11, 2012

State House Redistricting - District 82 (HD-82)

State House - District 82
Current Rep - Kevin Daley (R-Arcadia Twp)

GOP - Kevin Daley (R-Lum)
Dem -  John Nugent (D-Lapeer)

Old District (82nd)
Kevin Daley - 20,341
Mark Monson - 8,400

This is an almost safe district consisting of all of Lapeer County. Lapeer County over the last 20 years has gone from a relatively competitive albeit conservative county to an almost safe county at the top of the ticket. Kildee and Barcia have won the county on multiple occasions, and dems have won state rep districts here (one for about 20 years) in the past, although not recently. Obama came close to taking it with McCain quitting, but McCain held on. Bill Clinton was the last to win the county. The dems still try and make runs here, but this one might be gone or almost gone. When you go from often competitive to "good enough to lose", it's trouble. I think this may be their version of Farmington Hills. It's once good territory for them that may just be gone, especially if people in North Oakland continue to move into places like Metamora.

Lapeer County GOP DEM Total Diff GOP DEM Diff
2008 Presidential 22831 21457 44288 1374 51.55% 48.45% 3.10%
2004 Presidential 25556 18086 43642 7470 58.56% 41.44% 17.12%
Last State House 20341 8400 28741 11941 70.77% 29.23% 41.55%

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