Monday, August 13, 2012

School board filing deadline tomorrow - 2012

August 14th, tomorrow is the filing deadline for non partisan offices in the November election. School board and village candidates are up. Deadline is 4PM August 14th.

Debi Drick, President of the Livingston County Women's Club is looking for mainstream fiscally conservative candidates interesting in running for a local school board seat in the county. If you are interested, please contact her at Debi used to be on Howell's school board and knows how things work on those boards.

People always talk about schools the importance of them. The biggest impact on education isn't from the feds who shouldn't be involved in the first place as they screw it up. The state has a lot of impact, although the biggest is locally on our school boards. We elect these people to office.

Downticket is important, and has as much of an impact on us as a presidential election, if not more. Most government that we interact with are the local governments. County. Township. City. School. We can not forget those races when we vote.

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