Saturday, April 02, 2005

State Senate - District 9

State Senate - District 9

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Jeremy Nielson (St Clair Shores)
Democrat Candidates – Dennis Olshove (Warren)

Current Rep – Dennis Olshove (D-Warren)

2002 Results
Dennis Olshove – 60.82%
Cecelia Stevens – 36.52%

Presidential results:
Kerry – 54.56%
Bush – 44.29%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Safe Democrat

District covers:
Macomb County:
Lake Twp, Center Line, Eastpointe, Fraser, St Clair Shores, Warren

This district covers most of the democrat strongholds in Macomb County. About ½ of the voters are in Warren. About ¼ of the voters are in St Clair Shores. The rest are divided between Lake Twp, Eastpointe, Fraser, and Center Line. Eastpointe is the most democrat part of the county. Lake Twp is the most republican part of the county by percentage, but has less than 50 voters. Fraser and St Clair Shores are competitive. Warren and Center Line are democrat strongholds, but not quite to the same degree they once were. This district is still more democrat at the local level than national level. They prefer socially moderate and economically liberal democrats here compared to an Ann Arbor style of democrat.

This district has been democrat for years. Currently it is held by Dennis Olshove from Warren. It isn’t impossible to win here, but extremely difficult, and unless Jack Brandenberg runs here, I’m calling it safe democrat until proven otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

Good call... I think a Republican can win the district with some hard work and fundraising. The area is well known for the "Reagan Democrats", who are waiting for a Republican who will listen to them, instead of being just a name on the ballot.

With a lot of younger families and singles moving to this affordable area, I think they're open to the discussions we're having about what's wrong with the incumbents and the lack of leadership in getting the job done. We are certainly open to more jobs created in Macomb County.

Thanks for the write-up, and I hope you'll support my race for Michigan jobs and the MCRI this summer!

Best regards,
Jeremy Nielson