Sunday, May 15, 2005

State House - District 13

State House - District 13

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Darrell Stasik (Riverview)
Democrat Candidates – Barbara Farrah (Southgate)

Current Rep – Barbara Farrah (D-Southgate)

2004 Results
Barbara Farrah – 64.86%
Darrell Stasik – 35.14%

Presidential results:
Kerry - 56.25%
Bush – 42.76%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Safe Democrat

District covers:
Riverview, Southgate, Trenton, Wyandotte

Barbara Farrah is a two term incumbent in this Downriver district. Southgate and Wyandotte are democrat strongholds. Riverview and Trenton lean democrat, but are competitive. These are all union strongholds.

With the economic situation currently with the Big 3, I can see this district being closer than expected, but I still am leaving it as safe democrat for now.

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