Sunday, May 15, 2005

State House - District 15

State House - District 15

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Abbas Gasham (Dearborn)
Democrat Candidates – Gino Polidori (Dearborn)

Current Rep – Gino Polidori (D-Dearborn)

2004 Results
Gino Polidori – 64.68%
Doug Thomas – 35.32%

Presidential results:
Kerry – 57.04%
Bush – 41.52%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Strongly leans Democrat

District covers:
Most of Dearborn

This district took a major left turn in 2004 due to the war. The GOP had the state rep district termed out, and Bush actually won here in 2000. Before 98, this district was longtime democrat, and returned to its roots in 2004. Dearborn went for Granholm as well in 02, although more narrowly.

Dearborn in Ford HQ, so the auto industry will be a major issue here, even more so than in the past. How that plays out this year in elections remains to be seen.

I haven’t been following this district, but I’m calling is strongly leans democrat as this is about a 52% democrat district in most years, and Polidori ran very well in 04.

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Unknown said...

I hope that our representatives are proud of themselves. They pass a budget then all this drama about shutting down the state because they can't do their jobs. They actually think raising ANY taxes is a solution. Who’s willing to be that next year they'll be looking to raise taxes again next year because of their incompetence? With taxpayers wallets in a bad way instead of making REAL cuts they raise taxes. The gov said the service tax only amounts to $1/week. That’s only $1 out of my pocket. She’s sitting pretty on her governors’ salary and chauffer driven limo from her home in Northville to Lansing every day, why doesn’t she move to the governors’ mansion? She knew that’s where her office would be when she ran for the job. It’s absolutely ridiculous the arrogance of her to suggest that it’s not right to recall representatives for raising taxes. Why? It’s MY money, I worked for it. It’s time those in Lansing learn some fiscal responsibility and next time they pass a budget they stick to it.