Monday, May 16, 2005

State House - District 20

State House - District 20

2006 Contest
Republican Candidates – Mark Abbo (Northville), Don Schnettler (Plymouth), T Cortez Spann (Wayne), Jason Vorva (Plymouth
Democrat Candidates – Marc Corriveau (Northville), Joe Hawver (Plymouth), Joanne Lamar (Plymouth)

Current Rep – John Stewart (R-Plymouth)

2004 Results
John Stewart – 59.63%
Marc Corriveau – 46.87%

Presidential results:
Bush – 53.33%
Kerry – 45.89%

Republican Michigander’s prognosis – Leans Republican

District covers:
Part of Canton. All of Wayne, Plymouth, Plymouth Township Northville, and Northville Township.

The numbers here are approximate, as I only have the two party vote for this part of Canton. John Kerry received 57.74% of the two party vote in nine Canton precincts. Wayne is solidly democrat, going 60% for Kerry. The City of Plymouth swings. Northville, Northville Township, and Plymouth Township are solidly Republican, and dominate this district giving it a GOP lean. Northville and Plymouth Township have over 3/5 of the voters and went 61% and 58% for Bush. That’s the difference here.

There are two advantages for the dems this year. First, this is Granholm’s home district (Northville). Even though she lost Northville, she ran about 3% ahead of Kerry here. Secondly, this is an open seat. Five Republicans and Three democrats are going for this spot. If there’s a contentious primary (and this area has had its share of them), this could be a surprise if Wayne and this district’s part of Canton turn out - especially if Northville isn’t as GOP as it normally is.

For now, this district leans Republican, but it could be a sleeper.

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