Saturday, July 23, 2005

Granholm and Stabenow Campaign lit

One of our major county events is the Fowlerville Fair. At the fair, there is always a GOP and Democrat booth. I stopped by the democrat booth to see the spin that they always throw at us. The Michigan Democrats have these fliers out titled "Fighting for Michigan" that tout the "accomplishments" of Ms. Granholm and Ms. Stabenow.

Eliminated $3 Billion in deficits...

She had to eliminate the deficits because she had no choice. By law, Michigan can not run a deficit. She also raised taxes and fees to do so, with the help of the democrats and some RINOs.

"""Has a comprehensive Jobs Today, Jobs Tomorrow economic plan..."""

That's a joke, right? Where has the plan been the last three years? You're not the challenger for governor, but the current governor. We're still losing jobs.

"""proposed an economy-stimulating tax cut..."""

While also supporting a tax hike on services. That's not a tax cut, but another "tax shift".

"""Focused on education for all of our people...."""

She cares so much about education, that she has failed to vote in seven straight school board elections(at least until 2002)

As for Stabenow:
"""Authored the first ever ban on oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes"""

A bald faced lie. Go to the Thomas website, and look up every bill that Stabenow has sponsored and how many have become law. You won't find any. Zip, Zilch, Zero.

"""Mobilized thousands of citizens to stop the dumping of Canadian Trash in Michigan and sponsored a law requiring inspections of Canadian trash trucks crossing the border"""

As to the first, that's just talk and not action. Congressman Mike Rogers as a state senator DID take action. As to the second part, again, look it up on Thomas. That's the real answer.

"""Authored and helped pass legislation in the Senate to lower prescription drug prices by allowing states to negotiate lower prices........."""

We're fact based here, so I'll give her this one. She did get this passed the senate in 2002. It didn't get passed the house or a conference committee though so nothing did happen.

"""Led efforts based on her More Jobs bill, to pass a 2 Billion tax cut giving manufacturers incentives for job creation in the US rather than overseas."""

How did she lead? By sitting there and only voting when the time came? It certainly wasn't her bill that did it since not one of her bills became law.

Time for these two to go. We can do better than these two incompetent individuals.

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Anonymous said...

Well you better get your facts straight about Debbie Stabenow! Not many Republican's seem to read your blog, so I guess your errors will go unnoticed.