Friday, July 22, 2005

Let's Get it on!

We're now kicked off and ready to go.

It’s time for all of Michigan to hide the women and children, since the Republican Michigander is now in town and ready to kick butt and take names.

This blog is dedicated to get first and foremost the "Blue" out of Michigan. Our state has gone democrat in every presidential election since 1988 and has two democrat senators. This blog will also call out politicians, liberals, Hollywood, the press, George Soros, and anyone else deserving of scorn. It will also praise the good ideas out there as well. We do not want to be strictly negative here at the Republican Michigander.

However, if you are a democrat, liberal, member of the "mainstream" media, New York Times reader, gun control activist, tax lover, bliss ninny, unsupportive of property rights, Jennifer Granholm, Carl Levin, Debbie Stabenow, Chuck Schumer, or Ted Kennedy fan, you will not care much for this site. This may be more of your liking instead

That doesn't mean we will blindly support every proposal by every politician who happens to be a republican. The Republican Michigander is conservative first, and Republican second. It is not an "establishment" blog, but from the grass roots. It is pragmatic enough to the effect where we are not so purist to abandon candidates we agree with 70% of the time, but we do have our breaking point. Bob Taft, the Governor of Ohio, would never get our support due to his corruption, tax-raising, and hostility to the Second Amendment. We're happy to see him term-limited.

This blog will also focus on the current events and stories across the country, with special emphasis on Michigan Politics, Livingston County, Judicial issues, taxes, and the Second Amendment.

We are aggressive, hard hitting, blunt, and are not afraid to tell it like it is. Unlike some of the Republicans in the Senate, we are unafraid of taking on the democrats, liberal special interests, and are willing to promote our issues and what we believe.

So in the words of Big John McCarthy of the UFC – LET’S GET IT ON!


Gerry said...

Welcome aboard!

Although, Bob Taft is a bad example to use for term limits. They would be completely unnecessary in his case.

(Actually, they may have helped prevent the debacle. If he had felt the need to keep his base happy or face the electorate again, he might have acted more sensibly in office.)

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