Monday, July 25, 2005

Teamsters and service union to quit the AFL-CIO

UPDATED - AP STORY - John Sweeney rips critics calling them anti-worker. There's also this quote....

"""This split is a deep concern to Democrats everywhere," said Democratic consultant David Axelrod of Chicago"""


A major change in Big Labor is on the way. From the Free Press.

""""Teamsters and service union to quit the AFL-CIO

CHICAGO -- Jolting organized labor, the Teamsters and a massive service employees union decided Sunday to bolt the AFL-CIO, paving the way for two other labor groups to sever ties in the movement's biggest schism since the 1930s.

The four dissident unions, representing nearly one-third of the AFL-CIO's 13 million members, announced they were boycotting the federation's convention that is to begin today, a step that was widely considered to be a precursor to leaving the federation.""""

The United Food and Commercial Workers and UNITE HERE(Textile and hotel) are also boycotting.

"""Two other boycotting unions signaled similar intentions: United Food and Commercial Workers and UNITE HERE, a group of textile and hotel workers. But they were not scheduled to take part in today's news conference, officials said."""

Maybe if the union leadership pushed more for keeping jobs home here instead of just blindly supporting the democrats 24/7, they wouldn't be in this position.

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