Saturday, July 23, 2005

Two new Judges (Roberts and Brennan)

President Bush made his decision for SCOTUS(US Supreme Court). DC Appeals Judge John G. Roberts is his pick.

I really do not know enough about him to have an informed opinion. By all accounts, he's a very skilled lawyer and qualified in the competency department. He clerked for Judge Rehnquist, was Solicitor General for the first President Bush, and argued several cases before SCOTUS.

The real question is ideological grounds. Where does he stand. Manuel Miranda of the Wall Street Journal believes he is another Rehnquist. Ralph Neas of the leftist "People for the American Way" doesn't like him. Ann Coulter thinks he's another David Souter. He and his wife are both Catholics(as I am). His wife was the head of a Pro-life organization, Feminists for Life. Judge Roberts has said that Roe V Wade was settled law at one point, and opposed it at another. I'm also concerned in that I have no idea where he stands on the Second Amendment, Eminent Domain, and on free speech issues such as banning the pledge of allegiance.

I hope he is a strict constitutionalist and follows the constitution as it is written. The biggest problem in our entire country is with judicial activism by unelected federal judges who make law.

I do believe he deserves an up or down vote in the Senate and not a filibuster. My gut feeling tells me that he'll be similar to Judge Rehnquist. I can handle that, if that is the case.

I'm cautiously optimistic on Judge Roberts. I'm not completely sold on him yet though.

Closer to home, Jennifer Granholm as appointed a new district judge to replace conservative Judge Michael Hegarty. Theresa Brennan who donated thousands of dollars to Debbie Stabenow and also donated to MI List(Pro-abortion) and Planned Parenthood. She also supported John Kerry and marched in Bob Alexander's anti-war rallies. The judgeship is at the 53rd district court in Brighton.

However despite Brennan's appointment, It's not all bad news for the conservative majority here in Livingston County. First off, Ms. Brennan must face the voters here in 2008 and should expect a race. District Judges also only have limited roles to display judicial activism. The district court handles small claims, civil cases under $25000, landlord/tenant, misdemeanors, felony arraignments, civil infractions, weddings, and divorces without children. Most of those are straightforward cases. The major concern is if she is appointed to Circuit Judge. They handle all major cases and have much more power.

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