Tuesday, August 23, 2005

2008 Presidential Straw Poll

Patrick Ruffini's blog has a good presidential straw poll.

It's missing a couple of possible candidates in Mark Sanford and Tim Pawlenty, but other than that, it is a good poll with many choices for votes.


Anonymous said...

Mike Pence is the next Reagan-he has no faults.He is the guy we should be pushing in 08.

Dan said...

I like Mike Pence (and the Club for Growth) and would consider voting for him.

The only negatives against him is that he's a congressman and has low name recognition. I didn't hear of him until earlier this year, and I'm just north of Indiana.

That said, there is a strong core group of people pushing to Draft Pence, and that counts for something. I think a budget hawk can do very well in 2008.