Monday, August 01, 2005

August 2 - Primary Day Tomorrow

A reminder from the Secretary of State.

"""Voters in 53 counties will go to the polls in elections that impact counties, cities, townships, villages, district libraries, schools, community colleges and intermediate school districts. It marks the third election under MichiganĂ‚’s new consolidated election law"""

Folks, we got a primary election tomorrow in several municipalities. The biggest election is the Detroit Mayoral race. Mayor Navigator is in a tough race with former Deputy Mayor Freman Hendrix and City Councilwoman Sharon McPhail. State Senator Hansen Clarke is fourth. If I had a vote here, I'd vote for Hendrix. He's a democrat(all are in Detroit), but Archer seemed to care about the city and did his best to clean up some of the trash.

Over in Lansing, there's another big mayoral race. Mayor Tony Benevides is up against State Senator Virg Bernero and former State Rep Lynne Martinez. All of them are liberal democrats there too, but Bernero is probably more pro-business than the others. For Republicans, he's probably the best choice for mayor, and also since it opens up a state senate seat causing democrats to spend more money in primaries(Ingham County is strongly democrat).

In Livingston County, the only proposals are a Headlee Override Millage with Fowlerville Schools and a Road Milliage in Unadilla Township. Fowlerville Schools has a fiscally responsible superintendentt, so the Concerned Taxpayers Group has not gotten involved there to oppose it. I haven't heard anything about the Road Millage in Unadilla, so I can not comment on it except that I usually oppose new taxes.

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