Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Blog update

We added a new section to the sidebar. We will be posting links to election related commentary there. Right now, we only have our own work linked there, but if any of you have commentary on Michigan (or 2008 Presidential) races you want to see linked to your site or published here, let us know with an email to republicanmichigander@nospam.hotmail.com(removing the nospam part). We will consider linking to any intelligently (left wing, right wing, or centrist) based theory on political races, as long as it is backed up with facts.

Another section that will be added soon will be political profiles of all 83 of Michigan's counties and their recent partisan voting trends down to the township level. We will try and profile two or three counties per week. These will be posted in the sidebar as well for easy access later once they are archived.

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