Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Draft Mark Sanford for President - 2008

One of my biggest complaints among many of today's republicans is their lack of fiscal responsibility. Too many, including President Bush, are spending like democrats. This is unacceptable and is a very weak issue among much of our base. I'd love to see a candidate in 2008 not be tied to the spending problem we have in Washington, and also be solid enough on social issues(both life and guns, while I tilt more small "l" libertarian on some of the others). The candidate that does that will get my vote easily in the primary.

The candidate that fits all of these issues is Mark Sanford, Governor of South Carolina. If he runs for President, he has my vote. So far, he has said that he doesn't plan on running, but if he changes his mind, I'll volunteer for his campaign. Two sites dedicated to drafting Gov. Sanford are up and running, and their links are at the bottom of this post.


Republican Liberty Caucus link

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Doverspa said...

Sanford is near the top of my list as well.

In no particular order, I like Bush, Sanford, Owens, Pawlenty, and McCain.

McCain only made it back on the list because he was the only Senator to decry the pork bills last week. And he called them "monstrosities." That's a principled stand I can get behind.

- Adam C