Friday, August 05, 2005

Keith B Butler makes Detroit City Council runoff - perhaps a good sign for Keith A Butler, US Senate Candidate???

Last Tuesday, the Detroit City Council had their primary elections. One of the candidates to make the final round is Keith B Butler. He's not the US Senate candidate who is Keith A Butler. It turns out Keith B Butler is a Detroit City Worker in the communications department.
His similar name probably helped him in the primary as he finished 14th out of the 18th who survived the primary - without any visable campaign. Betty DeRamus wrote an interesting column on this in the Detroit News.

Who is Keith B. Butler? He's not Alonzo Bates

By Betty DeRamus / The Detroit News

Without much sweat or even a sip of steroids, Detroit City Council candidate Keith B. Butler banged the ball out of the political park on Tuesday: He's one of 18 Detroiters who'll slug it out for a council seat this fall.

My only question is this: Who is Keith B. Butler?

His name didn't show up on the sides of any buses or billboards, and if he gave any speeches or smiled through any commercials I missed them. Yet he came in 14th among the 18 candidates who survived the primary.

That means he racked up more votes than Thomas Stallworth III, the son of a state legislator; Roy McCalister Jr., lieutenant in the Detroit Police Department's investigative operations division; Lamar Lemmons III, an experienced legislator; Loren Monroe, an attorney, CPA and former treasurer for the state of Michigan; Ralph Simpson, a lawyer in private practice who is on the national board of the American Civil Liberties Union; well-known businessman Otis Knapp Lee; and Sarah Snow, who had experience as a city governmental analyst and the endorsement of former senator, ambassador and presidential candidate Carol Moseley Braun.

But who is Keith B. Butler and why did more than 18,000 Detroiters choose him as their legislative champion?

If you think he's the senior pastor and founder of Southfield-based Word of Faith International Christian Center Church, you're wrong. You're mixing him up with the Rev. Keith A. Butler, pastor and founder of the Southfield church and a former Detroit City Council member.""""

Maybe this is a good sign for his more well known namesake - Keith A Butler, candidate for US Senate. If he can stop the democrats from getting 93% in the City of Detroit, it will make his candidacy much easier.

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