Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Primary Analysis - Detroit and Lansing

I need another excuse for the Navigator picture. It does not look good for Kwame Kilpatrick. Mayor Navigator, the incumbent, finished with only 33%, and Freman Hendrix had 45% as a challenger. Hendrix would have my support, and not based on ideology, but on administrative issues.

Freman Hendrix 45%

Kwame Kilpatrick 33%

Sharon McPhail 12%

Hansen Clarke 9%

Over in Lansing - Tony Benevides is in the fight of his life with Virg Bernero.

1,158 - Dale Abronowitz

3,519 - Tony Benavides

6,042 - Virg Bernero

2,540 - Lynne Martinez

What makes it interesting is that Virg Bernero is a state senator. If he becomes mayor, he resigns his state senate position and creates an open seat with special elections. While his district is strongly democrat since it has most of Ingham County, Paul DeWeese held Virg to 53% back in 2002 in one of Granholm's strongest areas. Anything can happen in special elections with its low turnout, and if the GOP has a good GOTV effort, we could steal a district.


D.J. Jones said...

Is DeWeese going to run if Bernero resigns ?

Dan said...

I don't know. He would have had a better shot IMO if he didn't run in 04 for Smith's seat - out of the district.

Beth Chandler would be a good pick unless she lived in Garcia's district which has part of Ingham County as well. (Bunkerhill Twp, Leslie city, Leslie Twp, Mason city, Stockbridge Twp and Vevay Twp). Chandler gave 10+ year incumbent(as senator or house rep) Dianne Byrum her toughest run since 2000 when she lost to Mike Rogers by 88 votes.