Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Poll, Miers poll results

With Miers no longer in the running for SCOTUS, I'm adding a new poll.

The results for Miers were

17% - Support and trust President Bush

9% - Support as she's the best that can get past the senate

2% - Against, Right Wing Extremist

26% - Against, unqualified

19% - Against, not conservative enough

28% - Undecided. (Where I stood)

While some democrats read and post here, this is a GOP based board, and the lack of support here shows that the activist wing of the party was unimpressed to say the least. Even though it's an unscientific poll, a 47%-26% against vote says that there was much uncertainty at best in this choice. About 6-7% of the votes in the Presidential 2008 poll were democrat, and I expected a similar number here.

I added a new poll on the US Senate Race. Rumors have Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard jumping back in. Another rumor has Congressman Pete Hoekstra running. I added both of those in as well to make the poll more interesting.


Anonymous said...

There is good news on the judicial front. Miers saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switch to Geico.

But, seriously, there is good news. After years of blockades by Carl Lenin and Debbi Dingbat, Susan Bieke-Neilson --- the aunt of one of my closest friends --- was confirmed to the Sixth Circuit 97-0.

Anonymous said...

Here's a piece on Mark Brewer's proclivity for indiscretion.
and blogged at

By the way, I've added you to my blogroll and would love a link back to mine. Thanks.