Saturday, October 08, 2005

Zero Tolerance Stupidity in Michigan City, Indiana

From WNDU in South Bend.

Michigan City, IN - After a Michigan City middle school student found a bullet on-board his bus, he thought he might get a thank you. Instead, Henry Hernandez’s family says he was nearly kicked out of school.
Unexpected discovery
Tuesday morning while riding to school, 14-year-old Hernandez found a bullet on the floor of his bus.

He thought he did the right thing by turning it in.

I thought he did to. Apparently not:

Hernandez’s parents say that Michigan City schools originally wanted to expel their son, but instead settled on a three-day suspension. A court hearing Thursday added another five days in an after-school detention program. But, his parents say he shouldn't be punished at all.

Hernandez explains, "I tried to do something right but then it came out as a suspension."

Unfortunatly, Mr. Hernandez has learned a harsh lesson. Do not trust school authorities. I can't believe how much things have changed in the time I left high school, which is less than 10 years ago. I also believe I was real lucky that I had some good admins for the most part when I was in school. I could have had a real joker like the Michigan City admins.

Thank God I was out of school before Columbine. I think that changed everything.

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