Monday, November 07, 2005

Election Day 2005 - November 8

Tomorrow's a big day for elections. While we don't have gubenatorial or presidential elections this year, there are still many important races here in Michigan, as well as the rest of the country.

New Jersey and Virginia both have their gubenatorial and state elections. If megabucks ultraleftist Jon Corzine wins in Jersey, he gets to appoint his own replacement in the senate. If Lt Governor Tim Kaine beats AG Jerry Kilgore in Virginia, watch Mark Warner in 2008.

California and Ohio have votes on several referendum issues including redistricting which may have national impact. Partisanwise, it's best that California's passes, and Ohio's fails. Personally, I'd like to see national redistricting reform, or we are going to have major redistricting battles every single time a state government switches power. That may not be popular here in Michigan, but Mark Brewer would burn us in a minute on this if the dems take all branches of state government.

The City of San Francisco gets to vote on a Chicago-style total handgun ban.

In our own state, we have two significant mayorial elections. Over in Detroit, Mayor Navigator, also known as Kwame Kilpatrick, has a very difficult re-election battle against Deputy Mayor Freman Hendrix. Needless to say in 96% democrat Detroit, both are democrats. Mayor Navigator was trailing in the polls all year, but has tightened them up at the end. While a Kwame victory would help the republicans (since it's almost a universal feeling outside of Detroit that he absolutely sucks), it's bad for the city, and the state of Michigan, so I'm hoping the voters of Detroit toss Mayor Navigator out on his arse.

Lansing has an interesting race as well that hasn't drawn much coverage outside of their local media. State Senator Virg Bernero has a good chance at ousting current mayor Tony Benevides. Both are democrats. Since Lansing is 65% democrat and Bernero is more moderate (For a democrat) on economic issues, he's probably the best we can get for Lansing mayor, and I hope he wins. It has statewide implications, as it opens up a state senate district if Virg Bernero wins. While it is a very difficult district, anything can happen in special elections. If a state rep runs and wins Bernero's seat, that opens up another seat in another special election, where anything can happen.

Over in Williamston, the Republicans are running a slate. Hyne, O'Connell, Moody and

Over in East Lansing, Kevin Beard and John Fournier are challenging the current jokers on the council. I don't care what party they are, as they can't be more anti-student than the incumbents.

Close to home in Livingston County, we have many local races on the ballot. There are three major races. The one with the most coverage has been the Tree Ordinance in Brighton Township.

Should the Charter Township of Brighton adopt Ordinance No. 227, Article 11 of the Zoning Ordinance, entitled “Land Clearing/Tree Preservation”?

The Livingston County GOP's statement is below. I agree with it (and seconded its motion) 100%

"Whereas the Livingston County Republican Committee, while not opposed to reasonable environmental protections, has found the Brighton Township Land Clearing/Tree Preservation Ordinance #227 a representation of irresponsible and intrusive government and an assault upon individual property rights,

Therefore, be it resolved that the Livingston County Republican Committee urges Brighton Township to vote NO on November 8th."

The Howell City Council (Mayor is unopposed) nonpartisan elections are tomorrow. There are three openings. My votes will be going to Debi Drick (Both Jay and Debi Drick are good people) and Paul Rogers. Dawn Cooper is too liberal(Gave money to Bob Alexander and Geoff Fieger's gubenatorial campaign), and the others I do not have enough information on to make an informed decision, so I will be leaving one blank. I'll also leave the Board of Review spots blank, since I do not know anything about the individuals there. The blanks are partially my fault for not finding out more about the individuals, but I am active enough where more candidates should make an effort to try and earn my vote. I don't blindly vote, even in partisan elections, let alone a non-partisan race. While I always show up at the polls, If I don't have the information, I leave it blank or write in someone.

Brighton's City Council elections are tomorrow. Sue Walters-Steinaker and Ricci Bandkau are both republicans.

There are several bond and millage issues across the county. While none of the Livingston County based schools are up, several other districts have territory in the county. Dexter schools have a library millage and bond issue. Byron and Morrice schools has a bond proposal. Linden Schools have a Headlee Override.

I don't know enough about these to have an informed opinion on them, although my guard is sure up with the number of mills asked by Byron schools.

More information on the Livingston Races are found here.

The Polling Locations are below.

Brighton Charter Township
Precinct 1 Brighton Township Hall, 4363 Buno Rd., Brighton
Precincts 2, 4 & 9 Hilton Elementary, 9600 Hilton Rd., Brighton
Precincts 3 & 8 Spencer Elementary, 10639 Spencer Rd., Brighton
Precinct 5 VFW Hall, 10590 E. Grand River, Brighton
Precinct 6 Brighton Twp. Fire Hall, 1580 S. Old US-23, Brighton
Precinct 7 Hartland Farms Middle School, 687 Taylor Rd., Brighton

Cohoctah Township (Byron Area Schools Registered Voters)
Precinct 1 Cohoctah Township Hall, 10518 Antcliff Rd., Fowlerville

Conway Township (Byron Area Schools Registered Voters)
Precinct 1 Cohoctah Township Hall, 10518 Antcliff Rd., Fowlerville

Conway Township (Morrice Area Schools Registered Voters)
Precinct 1 Antrim Township Hall, 12014 S. Bancroft Rd., Morrice

Deerfield Township (Byron Area Schools Registered Voters)
Precinct 2 Cohoctah Township Hall, 10518 Antcliff Rd., Fowlerville

Deerfield Township (Linden Community Schools Registered Voters)
Precincts 1 & 2 Deerfield Township Hall, 4492 Center Rd., Linden

Green Oak Township (South Lyon Community Schools Registered Voters)
Precincts 1 & 3 Fellowship Baptist Church, 10774 Nine Mile, Whitmore Lake
Precincts 4 & 6 Brummer School, 9919 N. Rushton Rd., South Lyon
Precinct 5 Green Oak Township Hall, 10001 Silver Lake Rd., Brighton
Precinct 7 Green Oak Fire Station #82, 11411 Grand River, Brighton

Hamburg Township (Dexter District Library Registered Voters)
Precinct 4 Hamburg Township Hall, 10405 Merrill Rd., Hamburg

Tyrone Township (Linden Community Schools Registered Voters)
Precinct 1 Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian Church, 10235 White Lake Rd., Fenton
Precinct 4 Fenton Church of the Nazarene, 11075 Runyan Lake Rd., Fenton

Brighton City
Precinct 1 Brighton District Library, 100 Library Dr., Brighton
Precinct 2 Brighton City Council Chambers, 200 N. First St., Brighton
Precincts 3 & 4 Brighton Education Community Center (BECC) Building, 125 S. Church St., Brighton

Howell City
Precincts 1 & 2 Howell Recreation Center, 925 W. Grand River, Howell
Precinct 3 Howell City Hall (second level), 611 E. Grand River, Howell

Don't forget to vote.


Writer said...

Williamston Good Guys:


Dan said...

Thanks. I edited the thread to add them.

Anonymous said...

The state GOP has set up this blog to detail election problems in Detroit:

Dan said...

I voted today!

Anonymous said...

Kilpatrick re-elected. I had no idea there was that much crack in the entire world.

Dan said...

I almost took a bet that he's lose. I didn't expect him to survive.

I should have known better. This is the land of Coleman Young.