Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Fraud Blog - Michigan GOP

State Party has a Fraud Blog for 2005 elections.

It's a sad, but needed read


Anonymous said...

Why were Republicians monitoring an election were they have no candidates? Can somone give me a real answeer instead of relying on the Michigan gop talking points. It smacks of racism and scouting how to steal an election next November

Dan said...

The ONLY election stealing that goes in Michigan is by Democrat Bosses with names like McNamara, Currie and their gang of union bosses. Then they get crybabies like the NAACP and to make BS racism claims since the media eats them up.

You crooks stole Michigan in 2004, and we're getting our poll challengers experience so you crooks don't do the same thing in 2006. It's the same reason why you people are always the first to pitch a fit about photo id required to vote.

Two friends of mine poll challenged in Detroit in 04. There were so many illegalities there it was blatent. No privacy in votes. Campaigning past the 100 ft barrier. Challengers tossed out of Cobo Hall (illegaly) during the counting. Then they hide behind the race card like you people always do.

It's time for state party to stop worrying about race card claims and take out the election thieves in Detroit, and whereever else they are.

National Review on Detroit Vote Fraud

Anonymous said...

What's the problem with answering the question?

Everyone will be having their challengers out in Michigan in 2006!