Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mayor Navigator Survives, Election results

In a shocking come from behind win, Mayor Navigator apparently defeats challenger Freman Hendrix 53%-47% 117,354 to 103,446. Expect another population drop in the city, and some more urban spawl.

However in good news, Detroit City Clerk Jackie Currie probably gets sent back to the private sector. She loses to Math teacher Janice Winfrey 53-47% This is a big win for fair elections. Good luck to Winfrey as clerk. I hope she cleans house and hires a bunch of new people.

Over in Lansing, State Senator Virg Bernero soundly defeats incumbent Tony Benevides, 12,925 to 8,052. Lansing also has a new city clerk as well as Chris Swope defeats Debbie Miner by a similar margin. The Bernero win opens up special election next year.

In Williamston, Republicans Michelle Hyne and Brian O'Connell win. Congratulations to them.

Closer to home:

The Byron Schools bond issue failed. 1467 to 523. The Morrice Schools bond issue failed 562-387. The Dexter Library proposal and bond both passed narrowly. 1438-1317 and 1434-1313.

The winners in Howell (9.4% turnout) were Paul Rogers, Scott Niblock, and Dawn Cooper. The winners in Brighton (18% turnout) were Kate Lawrence, James Muzzin, Ricci Bandkau, and John Tunis.

Lastly, in a smacktown to the arrogant (exception to Murphy and Slaton) Brighton Township Board of trustees, the poorly written Brighton Township tree ordinance was defeated 2418 to 1465.


DetroitPatriotette said...

Mayor Navigator. I love it. Can I use it? :) I had high hopes for Detroit. I guess the residents like it just the way it is, thank you very much.


Dan said...

""Mayor Navigator. I love it. Can I use it? :)""

Go for it. Go ahead and use the picture too. It has use for four more years.

One of the few good things I can say is that he does have good taste in automobiles.