Monday, November 28, 2005

Mooch Fired, Millen somehow still has a job there

As all football fans know by now, Steve Mariucci was fired as the head coach of the Lions. I can't complain about the move since changes needed to be made, buy why is Matt Millen still there? This guy had three of the worst seasons in NFL history, and Bill Ford gives him a contract extension?

Under Matt Millen's leadership, the Lions have had seasons of 2-15, 3-13, 5-11, and 6-10. This year, they are 4-7. During Millen's leadership, they went 0-8 on the road for three straight seasons. The won loss record of Millen rivals the atrocious Darryl Rogers years.

If I was the Lions owner, this would be my plan:

  • Fire Millen.

  • Fire Joey Harrington.

  • Hire a defensive first coach, and one who adjusts his offensive skills for the team. Mooch was a West Coast Offense, circa 1980 coach with the Lions. With a QB like Harrington, why didn't he run the ball more, and impliment more power running? Kevin Jones is a capable back.

  • Develop an offensive line - this is the backbone of any offense. They have the least amount of hype, but without a line blocking for the QB and backs, there's no offense. The line is the weakest point on the team. You could have Joe Montana there, and he's still struggle with this line.

  • Until there are fundamental changes with the team, I'm not optimistic about the Lions, and it doesn't matter who is coaching them. I wish Bill Ford would sell the team. That's been the one constant of bad Lions teams. One playoff win in team history under Bill Ford's leadership.

    That's also a reason why I haven't been to a game since Sterling Sharpe's infamous wide open TD catch in the playoff game. They haven;t shown me anything.

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