Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Scrooge changed, so did the Homeowners' Association in Novi

This is good to see here. From the Detroit News

NOVI --Baby Jesus will sleep in peace in the front yard of a Novi family after all.

In the face of a deluge of support for the Samona family on Web sites and reaction from people throughout Metro Detroit, the United States and abroad, the homeowners association that sought to ban the nativity scene backed off.

"We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or distress this confusion has caused you and your family," said a letter from homeowner association manager Dean Williams to homeowners Betty and Frank Samona.

The change of heart came after The Detroit News published a front-page story about the plight of the Samonas and their son Joe, who were ordered by the subdivision management group to remove the holiday display.

"As a demonstration of our regret over this incident, we would ask you to please accept a holiday gift basket as a token of our remorse, in the spirit of this holiday season," the letter said.

"We hope you understand that, on occasion, mistakes in proper intrepretation are made and we have learned from this mistake."

I still wouldn't want to live in a homeowners' association since I don't care much for busybodies, it is good to see them back off over this. Merry Christmas to the Samona family.

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