Thursday, November 10, 2005

Special Election Time

One of the side effects of Virg Bernero's election as Lansing Mayor is a special election for his district - the 23rd Senate seat. Granholm will likely announce one soon as this a strongly democrat leaning seat.

From MSU's State News

With Virg Bernero's election as Lansing's new mayor on Tuesday, defeating incumbent Tony Benavides, an empty seat will be left by the Democrat in the state Senate.
State Rep. Gretchen Whitmer, D-East Lansing, said she is looking to fill his spot.

"I think that I have a contribution to make in the state Senate," Whitmer said. "We need to have a strong voice for the people within Ingham County, which includes MSU."

It is not known whether a special election will be held to fill the vacated seat or if it will remain unfilled until the general election in November 2006. Bernero will be sworn in as Lansing's mayor in January.

The district went 59.01% for Kerry, although Paul DeWeese held Bernero to 53.36% in 2002, which was strongly democrat in the Lansing area due to an anti-Engler vote by state workers. Anything can happen in a special election, so I hope we contest it and not give Whitmer or anyone else a free pass. Whoever runs needs to make big inroads in Lansing itself as well as Meridian Twp(Okemos/Haslett) while racking up big wins outcounty.

The first Number is Bush votes. The second is Kerry Votes. The third is Bush%, last is Kerry %.

Alaiedon 1088 838 56.08% 43.20%
Aurelius 1222 771 60.83% 38.38%
Delhi 6831 6105 52.25% 46.70%
E. Lansing 5119 12647 28.40% 70.16%
Ingham Twp 734 463 60.66% 38.26%
Lansing City 16101 32102 33.03% 65.86%
Lansing Twp 1707 2436 40.76% 58.17%
Leroy Twp 1103 674 61.28% 37.44%
Locke Twp 657 361 63.97% 35.15%
Meridian twp 9589 12378 43.25% 55.83%
Onondaga 768 568 56.60% 41.86%
Wheatfield 624 375 62.09% 37.31%
White Oak 378 247 59.62% 38.96%
Williamston 1065 869 54.48% 44.45%
Wmstown. Twp 1824 1373 56.56% 42.57%
Total 48810 72207 39.89% 59.01%

The expected candidate for the democrats is rich leftist Gretchen "Liquor Tax" Whitmer (D-BlueCross). There may be others however.

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