Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Undecided voters dominate GOP Senate race

The AP released a story on the senate race's latest poll.

The democrat leaning EPIC/MRA polling firm released a poll on the Senate Race.
Currently, it is anyone's race for the primary. Their margin of error is 5%, so this is a very rough estimate.

Bouchard 27
Zandstra 12
Butler 11

With brief bio
Bouchard - 35
Zandstra - 35
Butler - 23

Against Stabenow so far
Stabenow - 56
Bouchard - 36

Stabenow - 57
Zandstra - 33

Stabenow - 56
Butler - 36

The Oakland Press Reports on another poll, this one by Strategic Vision which is a GOP polling firm. Their numbers shows this:

23 - Bouchard
19 - Butler
17 - Zandstra

Before anyone presses the panic button, Stabenow was trailing Abraham by similar margins at this point in 2000. This is still very early, and a very winnable race once it becomes campaign mode.

That said, there has been a downward trend for Butler. What's happened to Butler is surprising to me since he had all the momentum early, and most of the endorsements. Zandstra came on strong after the Mackinac Conference. Bouchard has the early name advantage being Oakland County Sheriff.

The primary election is not until August, so there is sample time for candidates to make up for lost ground and gain the undecided votes necessary to win the primary, and use that momentum to take out Stabenow.

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