Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Leftist attack ad on my answering machine

Some robocaller left an attack ad on Congressman Rogers on my answering machine. The call claimed to represent some group called "American Family Voices". It was a typical issue advocacy ad, since is said "Call Mike Rogers, and tell him to etc. etc." It's the same ole song and dance, you hear one of them, you've heard them all.

The left is starting early in their battle to win congress. This is the earliest I remember getting a campaign call. So who is "American Family Voices", other than being a frontgroup for every left-wing talking point out there?

Their office is in Washington DC.

American Family Voices
888 16th Street
NW Suite 303 \
Washington, DC 20006

Board of Directors

Mike Lux

Amy Pritchard
Mammen Pritchard

Board Members

Joe Velasquez
Hispanic Strategy Network

Phyllis Cuttino
Formerly with the UN Foundation

Bernard Craighead
IEM Message Management, LLC

Steve Grossman

Leo Hindery, Jr.
InterMedia Partners, L.P.

Victoria Duffy Hopper

David Wilhelm
Woodland Venture Management


I recognized David Wilhelm's name as the DNC chair during Clinton's administration, but was not aware of the others until looking them up. Stealth PAC's is a left-leaning site, but surprisingly has a good report on them. Byron York of the National Review has a good article on them as well.

Mike Lux worked for Clinton (for four years), Joe Biden (who is running in 2008), Paul Simon (the senator, not the singer), several "progressive" groups, the far left radicals at the People for the unAmerican Way, and was the president of the 527 group "Mainstreet USA".

Phyllis Cuttino is a director of the AFSCME Union (who funds AFV). She was with the "Better World Campaign" which was created by Former CNN boss Ted Turner to support the United Nations, and is also a staffer for legendary gun grabber Dianne Feinstein.

Joe Velasquez is a DNC Staffer, and was a director of the AFL-CIO. He also worked for Bill Clinton.

James Carville and Joe Lockhart are tied to AFV, although they are not on the board of directors.

The main question I have is who is funding them, and the answer is union leadership. AFSCME, IBEW (electrical workers), UFCW (Food/commercial workers), and Intl assoc of Machinests are those given. It wouldn't surprise me if George Soros was in there as well between the UN, Feinstein, and Clinton connections there.

There's one thing I don't understand. Why the hell are they calling me? I'm a GOP precinct delegate who has been on the primary ballot twice. That's public information. They know who I am.


Anonymous said...

Why the hell are they calling me?

that's an easy one... 'cause they're stuck on stupid.

thanks for posting the information re: who these folks are.

Anonymous said...

They're probably calling you as an "in your face" move. They feel empowered by what they perceive to be a crisis in the Bush Administration and the public opinion media circus. Their name indicates a left wing effort to counter the American Family Association and Focus on the Family. If what they are claiming is slander, what a tragedy. You and I both know that slander is tolerated and un-enforcable against public figures. The tragedy is that in a climate of rampant slander, the truth is virtually undetectable.

Anonymous said...

I found the message on my home system as well. It appears as though all district 8 Repubs are getting the call. Just as I figured - the Cunningham story from the anti-war, anti-Bush angle.

Anonymous said...

I can easily answer that one. You’re getting the call because the entire country is fed up with the bush “leadership, “ lies and attacks, and rogers has become such a bush apologist he is vulnerable. Mike rogers is such as patsy for the bushies he still clings to the lie that there are WMDs in Iraq. I’ve asked you this question before, and I’ll continue to ask it until you answer it. What has mike rogers done for the people of the 8th Congressional District in the last six years? I’ll even answer it for you, nothing. He’s done plenty for crooks like tom delay, duke cunninghinam and GW, and it has paid off well for him.

It’s almost funny, Mr. Flynn uses the word slander now, especially after the attacks by the right from the smear boat vets on Sen. Kerry and the bush attacks on Sen. McCain. The smear boat vets cast doubt on every one of us who ever wore a uniform and earned any kind of medal or decoration. Where were you then talking about slander?

As for who financed the group, what’s wrong with labor unions funding a group that represents working people. God knows with this administration they need all the help they can get. Progressives don’t have a fraction of the money huge corporations like enron and worldcom can pony up for the right. There is such as assault on the working and middle class it’s unbelievable. If I didn’t know better I would think the goal of this administration is simply to create the cheapest labor pool for the huge corporations that fund this administration, write its policies for them and line their pockets.

Anonymous said...

No one deserves to be slandered. I don't care who they are. I'm running against Mike Rogers in the Primary. I will conmdemn slander against him or anyone else. The question is what makes you so sure the Swift Boaters were lying regarding John Kerry?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they like to read your "whine"?

Dan said...

Union "leadership" hasn't done anything for workers in a long long time. All they care about is getting invited to the right cocktail parties - which was shown when they endorsed both Clinton and Gore despite NAFTA, GATT, and Most Favored Nation Trade Status for China.

""Progressives don’t have a fraction of the money huge corporations like enron and worldcom can pony up for the right.""""

ROFL. That's a pile of horse manure.

As for Corporations, the biggest myth on the face of the earth is that corporations are republican. They fund both parties, and the richest of the rich are democrats. Bill Gates is a dem. Warren Buffet not only is a democrat, but bankrolls planned parenthood as well George Soros and Peter Lewis tried to buy the election for billionaire John Kerry. Working class heros...Let's not even bring up the Hollywood and Manhattan money.

And that doesn't even approach the billions in foundations which almost all tilt left outside of Scaife. These foundations created the sham "McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform" movement, while giving them a loophole. Tides Foundation, Tsunami fund, Goldman fund, MacArthur Fund, Joyce Foundation, and Soros's own foundation bankrool billions, if not trillions into every leftist special interest group out there, usually pro-abortion, anti-gun, wacko environmental groups (PETA, ALF), (As opposed to MUCC and mainstream conservation which I support), and anti-hunting organizations.

So spare me the "Dems for the working man" myth. Today's union leadership is a tool for rich leftists like George Soros and the New York Times editorial writers.

As for Mike Rogers, he's pro-2nd Amendment, pro-life, supports tax cuts, and fights for transportation funding. That's a few things he's done for this district voter.

Anonymous said...

How do I know the smear boat vets were lying, their lips were moving. Also, I spent 20 years in the Navy, and every claim by the hack Paul Oneil was disproved by the actual eyewitnesses.

You’re right, labor unions have not done much for workers in a long time, especially in light of falling wages, the eroding of benefits and general misuse of loyal employees. They have been reeling since the attack on them by the right, beginning with reagan, and the widening gap between the poor and the rich and the disappearing middle class sure demonstrate they are needed more than ever. This administration has tuned the clock back a 100 years. Companies sure throw up a lot of roadblocks, aided by the government, in front of workers trying to unionize. At walmart they just closed the store down that actually managed to unionize. That after jumping through all the hoops, roadblocks and harassment to actually form a union.

As for the “…biggest myth on the face of the earth is that corporations are republican” that is horse manure. Corporations like enron wrote the energy policy, credit card companies wrote the bankruptcy bill and halyburton is getting rich on the blood of our servicemen and woman with no bid contracts. Just take a look at the data and still tell me that BS. In the 2000 election cycle along, the electrical industry gave 73 percent of their contributions to the gop, the oil and gas industry gave 85 percent, waste management 82 percent, the defense industry 70 percent, finance and banding 62 percent and textiles 92 percent – I guess that’s for people like tom delay and his lot keeping unions away and allowing them to use offshore slave labor. You say you’re so concerned for and support “mainstream conservation.” Well, you must be a Democrat because the fishing and wildlife industry gave 69 percent of its donations to Democrats. Check it out at

Again, what has mike rogers done foe the people of the 8th Congressional District? What, he passed the Second Amendment; he’s pro-life – except from the day the person is actually born and enters the world, he supports tax cuts for the richest 1 percent and what transportation dollars has MR brought home? You call those accomplishments? Get real.

Anonymous said...

What did they say about Mike Roger's? Did they really slander him? Or, did they just not agree with his principals?

Did they lie?

Anonymous said...

Do you just vote for all Republicans no matter if they are in conflict with your personal principals because you are a precinct delegate? Have you thought of running for office? It's difficult to vote for a candidate who lets me down on something as big as our privacy. Do we have to pretend we don't notice?

Anonymous said...

Hello WT,

Seems to me that Kevins is winning this argument.


Dan said...

"Do you just vote for all Republicans no matter if they are in conflict with your personal principals because you are a precinct delegate?"

It actually took me a year and a half after 2000 to become a Repulbican in the first place. Before then, I was an independent conservative/libertarian who split my ticket quite a bit.

I've still never voted a complete straight ticket, and will never just fill in the elephant circle and walk out of the voting booth. I look at each name on the ballot, including judges, before making my decision. Sometimes that decision is based on preventing the other guy from winning. John Kerry made my vote for Bush a much easier decision. Every possibly bad about a politician I saw in that individual.

As I said, I've never voted a complete straight ticket. I came closest in 2004, and split off on one of the state education boards voting for one GOP and one Libertarian candidate due to a fraud issue. I voted for 3 or 4 libertarians in 02 downticket, and split the ticket about 50/50 GOP/LP in 98 and 2000 before I was a Republican.

In 2008, some individuals will never get my vote. John McCain for one. Mr Keating 5. If it's between him and Hillary Clinton, I'm voting third party or writing in myself, and will actively campaign against BOTH of them.

""Have you thought of running for office? It's difficult to vote for a candidate who lets me down on something as big as our privacy.""

I've thought about running at some point. I don't plan on running unless I know I have a very good shot to win. If the timing is right, if I can differentiate myself from others enough in the primary, and if I can raise the money, I may just go for it.

Anonymous said...

If you can raise money, that is the key. You can differentiate yourself from the Livingston County candidates. That will not be difficult.