Thursday, December 01, 2005

Oakland County To Host GOP U.S. Senate Debate - December 6

I got this today in an email from state party.

Oakland County To Host GOP U.S. Senate Debate
The 9th Congressional District Republican Party said today, it will be hosting a forum featuring all three GOP Republican U.S. Senate candidates — Oakland County Sheriff Michael BOUCHARD, Rev. Keith BUTLER and Rev. Jerry ZANDSTRA — next week.

The event, which is being dubbed the Showdown in Motown, is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. next Tuesday at Cross of Christ Lutheran Church, 1100 Lone Pine Road (at the corner of Telegraph Road) in Bloomfield Hills.

According to the agenda, at 7:00 p.m., local GOP activists from across the 9th congressional district will enjoy holiday treats during their annual Christmas/Hanukkah party. The Senatorial candidates will mix and mingle during the informal party to gauge support and to recruit volunteers from the party faithful.

Republican National Committeeman for Michigan and Republican National Committee Vice Chairman Chuck YOB will serve as the moderator during the forum. Questions will be offered by Republican activists in the audience.

Tickets for the event are $15 per person or $20 per family and will be available for purchase at the door.

I'll cough up $15.00 and drive 45 miles to see this. This should be good.


Anonymous said...

The gop is a laugh-a-minute. This is so funny. The gop is hosting a debate of the gop U.S. Senate candidates vying to get beat by Sen. Debbie Stabenow, and they are calling it the – get this – “The Showdown in Motown,” but it’s being in held in rich Bloomfield Hills in Oakland County. If the gop wants to rip off the nickname of one of the greatest cities in America, shouden’t they be addressing the needs of real, non-rich people?

Dan said...

""shouden’t they be addressing the needs of real, non-rich people?"""

You mean like George Soros, Hollywood, Academia, Warren Buffet, Michael Moore, Manhattan's Upper West Side, and Peter Lewis??? That's the main base and funding for the democrats. That's all they represent - the .5% billionaires who want their competition to pay a lot of taxes so they can stay an exclusive club, and the gun grabbing social engineers in academia and the media who look down on real America away from the big cities.

As for Oakland County, it may be rich, but it's also a blue county.

Democrats haven't supported the working man since the pre-McGovern years.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don’t believe your own and the gop propaganda. Just look around. Where are all the decent paying jobs going, and then tell me, “Democrats haven't supported the working man since the pre-McGovern years.” Get real.

You point out a few so-called billionaires as proof the Democrats don’t support the working man. Get real. Why would they “…want their competition to pay a lot of taxes so they can stay an exclusive club” when if they support the bushies he’ll give them another tax cut and throw more money at them. As for this crap about the media “who look down on real America” I know many people in the media, and the majority of journalists make less than other professionals and look down on no one. I bet you believe in the same gop-created myth, no strategy, of the “liberal media.

But how about actually answering the question – how can they hold this debate in Bloomfield Hills and call it the “The Showdown in Motown.” Can you answer that? Also, Bloomfield Hills went for Bush 64 percent to Kerry’s 34 percdent, so how “blue” is Bloomfield Hills?

Dan said...

Ask gun owners about the "unbiased" media. I remember one of your columns in particular from back in 2002 butchering Gary S's comments making it look like we called all anti-gunner's Nazi's.

Anonymous said...

Where did that come from? I barely remember that. Typical gop response; ignore the question and muddy the waters something with another issue. But, I stood by OPINION COLUMN as accurate then and accurate now. See, opinions are naturally biased or they would not be opinions. I challenge you to find anything thing that I ever write, other than an OPINION COLUMN that was liberally biased.