Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Michigan GOP joins the blogosphere

State Party has decided to join the blogosphere. Michigan GOP Blog

Saul even linked this site to his blog. Thanks, Saul.


Anonymous said...

Wow. Now Saul Anuzis and the republicans can spread misinformation in cyberspace.

Patrick Flynn said...

Unless I'm missing something, one doesn't seem to be able to comment on the new blog. For obvious reasons, I have issues regarding Mike Rogers' quest for House leadership.

Dan said...

I don't think it's set up for comments.

Probably since it's an offical site, unlike this one which is unofficial where I only speak for myself.

Anonymous said...

No one can be surprised they don’t allow any comments on the Mi. gop web site can they? They don’t allow that for the same reason gwb has “town hall meetings” where the audience is screened or why anyone who tells gw what he wants to hear get the medal of freedom and those who don’t get fired.