Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Livingston County Straw Poll

I haven't had a chance to blog lately, but will be posting regular again soon.

One thing that has been amazing is the coverage of the Livingston County GOP's straw poll. I wasn't surprised that it made the Argus, but I didn't expect it to be page 2.
Argus. Thanks to Dan Meisler for reporting the entire results of that poll. While the winner always is mentioned, it is also interesting to see who is in the middle of the pack.

While I conducted the poll, this was a team effort, and about half of the people at the event voted, so there was a large enough sample to make things interesting where two votes wasn't 40%, skewing the results. This was intented mostly as a fun event, but for all we know, this may actually be a small factor in the 2008 momentum. Rudy Giuliani had a relatively poor showing. Allen polled in the top 3 outside of the South. Lesser known Mike Pence finished fourth.

This poll has taken off in the blogosphere. I posted it here and at Redstate, where I am a frequent poster. Saul Anuzis reported it and send it out in his email. MSNBC reported it in a small blurb with their report of the Memphis poll. Several bloggers supporting Mitt Romney and Mike Pence were also reporting the results of this poll using it to rally their supporters.

How this will factor in the next couple of years is unknown, but I have to say that I didn't expect a poll in one county in Michigan to have the amount of coverage it has received.

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