Sunday, April 23, 2006

2008 Presidential Tournament Finals

The results of the semifinals are in:
Tom Tancredo edged out my choice for 2008 Mike Pence 51% to 49%. Evan Bayh trounced Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer 75-25.

It's now the finals. Polling will start when the poll is up and will run until Thursday. Representing the republicans in Tom Tancredo. Representing the Democrats Bracket is Evan Bayh. We will also add the Libertarians, US Taxpayers (Constitution Party in Michigan), Greens, and Natural Law Party as they are usually on the ballot in Michigan races.


Writer said...

do you have USTP / Con party reversed?

Dan said...

Not for Michigan. I'm going by the party name that is listed on the ballot, not the nationaly known name.