Wednesday, April 19, 2006

2008 Presidential Tournament Semi-finals

The results are in for the 2008 Quarterfinals:

4. Tom Tancredo – 65%
8. Sam Brownback – 35%

6. Mike Pence - 56%
2. George Allen - 44%

9. Brian Schweitzer – 54%
3. Bill Richardson – 46%

3. Evan Bayh – 65%
2. Mark Warner – 35%

The finals are as follows:

In a rematch from Survey St Louis’s final, Tom Tancredo and Mike Pence once again go at it. Pence has a close match with Senator George Allen, while Tom Tancredo easily bested Sam Brownback.

Evan Bayh ran over Mark Warner in a race expected to be much closer. Brian Schweitzer of Montana had a tough match with Bill Richardson in a battle of governors. Montana won over New Mexico. Senator Bayh now faces Governor Schweitzer.

Polls will be open from posting until SUNDAY.

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