Monday, April 10, 2006

Detroit may stay home in 2006

From the Detroit News' Nolan Finley.

Detroit may stay home

Mongo says the impact won’t necessarily be that hard-core Democrats flock to Republican Dick DeVos this fall. But they may be less likely to write checks and roll up their sleeves on Granholm’s behalf.

Granholm needs a strong showing in Detroit, where she’s been AWOL. Yet Mongo predicts a repeat of the Blanchard-Engler contest in 1990, when disgruntled city voters stayed home in droves to express their disdain for the Democratic incumbent.

It’s a long time until Election Day. Democrats who bellyache about their leader today may be singing her praises from the rooftops by fall, particularly since the alternative is about as Republican a candidate as has ever run in Michigan.

But it’s tough enough to win re-election when the other side is pulling out the big guns. It becomes considerably harder when you have to dodge bullets fired by your own party

I can not blame Detroiters for staying home. Detroit is staunchly democrat, but they support populist democrats with blue collar appeal. They like Coleman Young, John Conyers, and John Dingell. Jennifer Granholm is more of an Ann Arbor style rich leftist attorney who went to UC Berkeley and Harvard, and lives in the McMansion suburbia haven of Northville. As one Detroit Democrat I know says - "She ain't one of us." He's right. She's doing nothing for Detroit or Michigan as a whole, while the jobs are moving South to Indiana, Georgia, Alabama, and elsewhere.

Democrats continue their march away from working families and towards rich leftists in Hollywood and elsewhere. Middle America isn't George Soros, Warren Buffett, Peter Lewis, Hollywood, Andrew McKelvey (, Wes Boyd/Joan Blades ( founder and dot com zillionaires), Stephen Bing, Frank Lautenberg, Maria Cantwell, and Jon Corzine's Culture of Corrpution.

Let's support Working Families and vote for conservative Republicans.


Keith Richards said...

The big problem I see with Granholm is that she is a person that wants political power but has no idea about what to do with it. She won the election, entered office, and then said "gee, what should I do now?"

Three and one half years later she is still trying to figure out the job responsibilities of Governor. If she has not figured out why she wants to be Governor yet, she certainly does not deserve a second term.

She also needs to remember that she is Governor of ALL of Michigan, not just the areas that voted heavily in her favor. For example, she need to allow those highway projects outside the Detroit area to get underway before the federal dollars approved for the projects expire. It is a shame to see badly needed projects which would be funded mainly by the feds get killed just because the state won't kick in their small share of the costs.

Anonymous said...

See, Dan, the Deocratic Party has a much larger tent than the republcians, and to be a republckian you msut march in locklestep to the issues they spout, or the punshiment is severe. We have seen what happens in Washington to anyone who disagrees with king george. So, Dan, the Democratic Party tends to have more disagreemts because it represents more Americans and more views, but if there is anything that will unite the party and its views it will be dick “moneybags” devos.

You’re really stretching it in your attacks of the governor, calling her “Ann Arbor style rich leftist attorney” who “lives in the McMansion suburbia haven of Northville.” That’s pure BS, and you know it. Northville is no more a “McMansion suburbia haven” than Brighton and Howell.
“Let's support Working Families and vote for conservative Republicans.” What BS. Can it be any republcian, or does it have to be a “conservative republician?.” Anyone who votes republican is simply voting agaisnt their own ecnomic self-interest, unless your one of the richest 1 percent in this country, like devos and bush.

Democrats will contione to represent working familes, and for you to call anyone or anything else a “Culture of Corrpution” in light of what’s going with the republicians is sad.

Anonymous said...

Well, Nolan Finley should finally put to rest the old, old gop strategy of the “liberal media,” but he is right when he says, “Democrats who bellyache about their leader today may be singing her praises from the rooftops by fall, particularly since the alternative is about as Republican a candidate as has ever run in Michigan.”

Dan said...

""""Anyone who votes republican is simply voting agaisnt their own ecnomic self-interest"""

That arrogant BS more than anything else is why you people lose.

Who the hell are you are anyone else to determine my ecomonic self-interest?

Anonymous said...

Democrats hate the folk

Anonymous said...

WoW, Ive been gone a bit and Kevins has fallen and bumped his head. Mean and right out of the dem playbook.

Where were you when Dem polosi threatened to take away a committee from the dems who voted with Repubs? How about Jefferson from LS who who was caught taking bribes (the old fashion kind, cash money) or my favorite when the ranking dem on the ethics committee was found to be under investigation by the feds guessed it. taking bribes. How about Harry Reid 's dealings with jack abromof?

The repubs are having a spirited debate on immigration and the dems "stand united" this ofcourse means they do what their told by the party bosses. The dems stood united to oppose what is helping millions of sr's get access to prescription drugs, they stood united on cutting taxes (oppossed that is) and are watching a national economy boom (4.7% unemployment this week)

No agenda, a single state recession, blame blame blame. Not to late kevins, i'll get your gop membership card to you asap.


Anonymous said...

I don’t know why it’s “arrogant BS,” but it’s true. The richer get richer, and the poor fall further behind, and the gap between the rich and the middle class – what’s left of it – gets wider every day under the current “leadership” in the White House. Frankly, Dan, someone had to tell you because you “you people” are too blind to see.

Anonymous said...

Democrats are the folk.

Anonymous said...

Well, frankb’s back spreading misinformation and defending his corrupt party.
I haven’t heard that about Rep. Nancy Pelosi, but I say good for her. That’s her job. At least she didn’t fire them or expose their spouses as covert CIA agents and not only endanger their lives but those of her colleagues. It took some research – you should try that – to find info on Rep. William Jefferson from your vague reference, and if found a report called “Beyond Delay” by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and its lists the 13 most corrupt members of Congress. Guess what, not including Delay, 11 of the 13 were republicans. Check it out at
Also, Also, Jefferson is under investigation for business practices, not convicted of taking bribes.

For the vague reference to the ranking Democratic member of the ethics committee under investigation for taking bribes, again another example of a republican playing loose and fast with the facts. After finding out what body you were talking about I found it was in the U.S. House, and this is it,
“The conservative National Legal and Policy Center in Falls Church, Va., filed a 500-page complaint with the United States attorney for the District of Columbia on Feb. 28 challenging the accuracy of Mr. Mollohan's financial disclosure forms.” Doesn’t sound like a bribe to me, Frank. What he’s being accused of is putting pork in a bill, and show we one member of Congress who hasn’t done that in order to bring some federal money home to the district, oh yea, Mike rogers has done nothing for his district.

As for Sen. Harry Reid, never happened. No matter how hard you try to spin it otherwise, the abromof scandal is a republican scandal.

You don’t really believe anyone other than the Drug companies and gop fundraisers are benefiting from the Medicaid prescription drug program? You need to get out and actually talk to some senior citizens.

I don’t care how low you say the unemployment rate is, how many of those jobs are actually decent paying jobs? There’s a manufacturing recession, and the person to blame is in Crawford, texas.
What you call blame is an attempt to get you and busy to accept some responsibility, any responsibility for anything.
I have too much self-respect, brains and compassion to ever join the republican party.

Anonymous said...

yikes, kevins, take something for your anger will you?

So its okay for a rubber stamp, lockstep punishment system for not going along with dem party bosses but those who argue and debate within the repub party are bad. Drop the koolaide pal. No really, its for your own good.

Your favorite paper, the New York Times, disagrees with your position on the drug plan. Says it really works for sr's. Damn those facts. Senoirs are really saving money and its not a government run program. Too bad for your socialist medicine crowd.

Check out the wall street journal on your pal mollohan. He was steering contracts (nearly 200 mil) to family members of which he personally benefited. I am sure a repub made him do it.

Rogers doesnt do anything for his district? Where have you been? Aside from his position on the port deals (I supported)he has done a stellar job. The economic growth package that helped put an additional 211,000 jobs on the board last month, his effort on alternative fuels, support of MSU and agriculture research, road funding, his work on national security issues is impressive, his trade enforcement isssues work has been helpful. Your gov should take a look at what he's doing.

So now a low unemployment rate is also bad? We are in one state recession so attack all the job growth around the country. Good plan. Also the manufacturing sector, including automotive, across the country has seen growth. Just NOT HERE! Time for a new gov.

Just a reminder, stomping your feet is not a party platform.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think I am angry? I am much less strident and calm than the other posters on this blog who personally attack me. Which really is fine, and I expect that when I expose their misinformation and lies. After all, the republicans have a long, long history of attacking the messenger.

If you want to talk about rubber stamp, take a look at this Congress that rubber stamps everything bush tells them to. You and I both know there is no debate in the republican party. Also, I don’t drink Kool-Aid, and I’m not your pal.

Wow, your third paragraph blows all of what little creditability you had left, and you sound just like your hero george bush when he tell the government to keep their hands off of Medicaid. I hate to break the news to you, but the Medicaid Prescription Drug program is a government program. Also, I have talked not only to seniors, but also to representatives from the local Area Agency on Aging who are trying to help seniors figure out this massive, complex plan, and they don’t like it either. Also, the New York Times is not my favorite newspaper, although it is one of America’s great newspapers. I guess that must be a vague reference to the gop 30-year smear campaign against the news media. I don’t always agree with everything the newspaper says, because they are a balanced news source. If you want both sides of an issue, stop watching faux news.

Sen. Mollohan is just under investigation, and I believe he should step down from the ethics committee until the investigation is complete. Al Franken said the same thing today on his show, and I agree with him. But that’s just two Democrats under investigation, compared to 12 republicans. Just think if the republicans didn’t control everything we would have a whole lot more repubs under indictment and investigation.

I agree with you, rogers hasn’t done anything for his district. He was elected by the people of the 8th District, not the bush administration. But that’s who his master is.

I never said low unemployment is bad, but the jobs that are being added have nowhere near the wages of the jobs being sent overseas. They are not jobs that can support a family. And the “one state recession” is simply an untrue gop talking point, because there is a manufacturing recession, and there are two states with higher unemployment rates than Michigan. So the “one state recession” line is a lie.

I have no idea what you are trying to say with this BS, “the manufacturing sector, including automotive, across the country has seen growth.” That’s simply not true. Are you saying that only people from Michigan buy cars? Or are you saying that people across the country are buying cars, but not cars made in Michigan? Either way, it makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

If you are a working person and vote republican you have a problem. You are unable to see the party that doesn't want workers to organize, you are not in favor of keeping your pension, you do not support affordable healthcare, you are not in favor of affordable prescription drugs. You also have been duped into thinking someone wants to take away your guns; although, common sense tells you otherwise.
And you are more than willing to let our President take our sons and daughters to war without a proper plan, without proper gear and without a reason other than oil.

Anonymous said...

Detroit will not stay home in 2006, in your dreams!

Wishful and silly thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Do you see where she is working on the roads? Where it is needed! Where thousands of cars drive on the roads.

I am sorry that Latson Road business is a bunch of crap. I have lived in Livingston County for 30 years and I don't think we need more big box stores. I think you are pretty narrow minded to think that pile of pork has any real relevance in the state of Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Detroit will elect Keith Butler to the United States Senate. They will vote in a large committed block. Keith Butler is the right choice.

Anonymous said...

Keith Butler is not even going to get the gopp nomination, and no working, urban person would ever vote for a republican.

Anonymous said...

Kevins - might I remind you that Keith Butler won a seat on the Detroit City Council with 60% of the vote. No working (if there still are any in November) urban person would vote for status quo with a clear conscience. Keith Butler has an organized, well funded campaign, with a candidate that has vision, moral clarity, and represents the true diversity our State needs. We shall see, but I'll betcha Keith Butler runs Debbie Stabenow out of town.

Anonymous said...

You have a bet. Who do I collect from?