Friday, April 14, 2006

Endorsements flowing in for school candidates (LOVE PAC and MEA make endorsements)

From the Argus

Endorsements flowing in for school candidates
By Christopher Nagy

The list of endorsements for candidates in the race for the Howell Public Schools Board of Education continues to grow, and one official from the state's largest school union said he expects it only to continue to do so — if not this year, then in the coming years.

The endorsements are as follows.
John Arthur:
Livingston County Republicans
Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County
Livingston Organization for Values in Education (LOVE PAC)

Wendy Day:
Livingston County Republicans
Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County
Livingston Organization for Values in Education (LOVE PAC)
Right to Life of Michigan
Michigan Campaign for Families

Dennis McGuire:
No endorsements

Jim Pratt:
Right to Life

Valerie Webster:
Howell Education Association (MEA's Howell affiliate)

Phil Westmoreland:
Howell Education Association (MEA's Howell affiliate)

Over in Hartland the MEA's Hartland affiliate endorsed Cindy Sinelli and Lynn Burrill. The Concerned Taxpayers Group PAC of Livingston County endorsed Nora Kessel and Dennis Tierney for Hartland Schools. In Pinckney the MEA's affiliate endorsed Laura Burwell. The Concerned Taxpayers Group did not endorse anybody for Pinckney Schools. The candidates who snubbed the Concerned Taxpayers Group were Sinelli, Burrill, Marcia Jablonski, and Richard Gass.

I hope these endorsements cause one thing more than anything else. Raise awareness among the voters and causes them to look at all the candidates and find out which candidats share their values. A turnout of informed voters is best for the schools in this county. For years, school boards have been dominated by a "good old boys" club thanks to strange election days and 3-10% turnouts. Starting last year, school elections are always on a set day in May. Last year, the millage increased turnout to 25%. I'd like to see that increase this year, especially in a conservative county such as Livingston. Us voters have a responsibility to learn as many facts as possible about the candidates running, and then show up and make our decisions. For me, the most important endorsement is the Concerned Taxpayers Group endorsement. For others, it may be the GOP, LOVE PAC, MEA, or Right to Life. For others, endorsements don't mean anything.

Education is consistantly ranked as one of the top issues in every election. Nowhere is edcation more affected, than by the people on our local school boards. This is our chance to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to education.


Anonymous said...

This post is filled with the typical misinformation and spin we have come to expect from Dan. Like this gem, “For years, school boards have been dominated by a "good old boys" club thanks to strange election days and 3-10% turnouts.”

Obviousely, you have have not been to very many school board meetings. It’s a disgrace you smear peoplel dedicated to the public schools and children to further your political aims, but that’s a typical republician response. My expreience has been school board members are dedicated people, and 98 percent run for the board because they have children in the school district. They often stay on when their kids graduate because they see first hand the hard work and dedication of the employees and they care for chidrten.
All of this for $30 a meeting in Howell. You all of the school board members you smeared an apology.

Here’s a news flash, Arthur and day got the endorsement of the so-called “love pac.” I knew I would win my bet. Both are founding members, and in essence they endorsed themselves. If you want that kind of dishonesty and prejudice on the school board they are your candidates.

Anonymous said...

Kevin- How in the world would you know who is or is not a founding memeber of LOVE? Have you ever been to one of their meetings? Have you ever talked to one of their members? I would guess that you haven't. Stop slamming endorsements just because someone else jumped into the election mix this year besides the MEA. Their candidates get $500 for that endorsement. I hope people will dontate to the other candidates, who will have to earn their money a bit at a time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, let me answer your questions one at a time.
No, why hell would I? I would just as soon go to a KKK meeting.
And your wrong.

Anonymous said...

Here's another one.

Anonymous said...

For anyone who is interested-

I have now received back the legal opinion from the U.S. Government Office of Special Counsel.

They have given me the green light to resume my campaign. I am resuming the campaign now.

Please feel free to visit my website at to see my four-point plan for bringing the school's budget into balance for the long term. I believe I can bring ideas to the Board to help solve the funding crisis, without having to outsource any employees or make major cuts anywhere. Take a look at my plan and please feel free to give me feedback on how it can be improved.

If anyone wished to read the Office of Special Counsel opinion, I will be happy to send it to them. E-mail me a request at
and I will email you the PDF file.


Jim Pratt

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just for the record, as I have seen other posts on this blog regarding the second amendment-

In the interest of complete full disclosure- you have the right to know as much as possible about your school board candidates. For that reason, I have additional information to disclose for the first time, here, now, in this school board campaign.

I hereby disclose, freely, of my own free will, that I own:

1. a Ruger P-85 9 m/m "preban" with 15 shot mags, which I purchased at a small shop outside the gate of Fort Gordon, Georgia, in January 1991. I was there getting ready to deploy in the first Gulf War. As a 2LT, my assigned weapon was an M-16A1. I decided I really wanted to have a second firearm with me. A Ruger P-85 is a double-action semi-auto, and I have had it ever since. It has neven been fired in anger.

2. an Ithaca model 37 pump 12-gauge, one that I got while still in college in the early 80's, second hand. I've used it only for hunting, but it is around just in case. And...

3. a 50-cal black powder replica rifle I built from a kit my grandfather, a WWI vet, won from the American Legion back in 1983. He sent the kit to me in the mail when I was stationed in Germany in the Army. And I manufactured and assembled it from the kit. You should have seen the face on the customs guy when I was packing to leave, because there was no record of me bringing into FGR, it simply was "created" there, and I had to ship it home in my household goods. :-)

And.. I am very well aware that the second amendment has absolutely nothing to do with duck hunting. I support the second amendment with a passion. Just like I support the other amendments as well.

I know this has nothing to do with school board.

But it's fun to mention anyway.

Campaigning is hard work. Might as well enjoy it with a smile.

Jim Pratt

Anonymous said...

Good grief jim - should we just break out in song "we love you jim pratt, oh yes we do", "we love you jim pratt and we'll be true".....

Can't wait to hear - do you have any other personal stories to tell? What discussion blog, let's just talk about Jim. Glad you're having fun. Go think up some more publicity stunts and spare us the cute stories.

Anonymous said...

Calling all Republicans! We have a chance to impact the way our schools are run. It is time to take back our public schools. Please vote May 2nd- our children are depending on it. Gone are the days when the MEA quietly picks the school board. Welcome to democracy in action!

Anonymous said...

How about calling all voters? Take back “your schools” from whom? The MEA has never, ever picked the school board, the citizens who live in the school district do with their voted. Why is this election nonpartisan? A better question is why are the republicans in the Howell Public School District trying to change that stealthily? If they want to make it partisan, contact joe hune or valde Garcia and have them introduce a bill.

Anonymous said...

Okay folks, this is our chance to tell the school board and the Administration that traditional family values DOES matter to the community. We've got to show them how much it means by getting out to vote. Also remember, there's a headlee override on the ballot as well. Can anyone say "live within your means"?

Anonymous said...

Family values do matter to the school board and adminstration. However, discrimination is not a “traditional value” that’s tolerated their. Also, I suggest you find out what a Headlee Override means.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance?? Really Kevins?? like the 40 angry teachers that had a problem with 4 students wanting to honor their values? You think if you say something it makes it true? Come on. The school board and administration doesn't care about anyone's rights except those of the gays and lesbians. There is more people on the planet than gays and lesbians, but according to you, they don't have rights. Are you the spokesperson for the school board and the Administration or is that another self appointed job? We have eyes, hears, and we see the truth, so yack all you want.

Anonymous said...

Yes, anonymous, tolerance. The so-called “40 angry teachers” were not angry, but what they were pointing out was that the flag of the so-called “traditional values club” is a clear violation of the separation of church and state and the club was not following the rules laid out for all other clubs when they could not find a bigot in the school to sponsor them. Jason Wolford, a member of the local gop, said it was clearly a cross and Christian flag.

No sir or mam, I know that just because I say something that does not make it true, so that’s why I back up my positions with facts.

Of course I am intolerant of intolerance, and I make no apologies for that, and in fact I’m dam proud of it.

I am well aware that “there is more people on the planet than gays and lesbians,” and that’s the great thing about the U.S. Constitution, it protects the minority against the tyranny of the majority. No one is discriminating against any other students than the students who are gay.

Are you correct when you say “teachers that had a problem with 4 students wanting to honor their values?” That’s all the students making such a fuss is four students? Don’t they have to have more interested students than four to actually form a group? And, anonymous, when the values they want to honor is discrimination, I am proud that we have teachers who will speak out against prejudice.

No anonymous I am not the “spokesperson for the school board and the Administration,” but yes it is a self-appointed job. When I see misinformation, distortions and lies I speak up.

Anonymous said...

Kevins -

Well here's another one for the fact check book. Who told you that Jason Woolford is a Republican? You are mistaken. He is a pastor. The TVC isn't honoring discrimination, they are honoring traditional family values. You know, honor thy father and thy mother, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You cannot point out a single example of the TVC kids discriminating or hurting any student in the school. They want all kids to feel safe going to school. Why are gays and lesbians the only ones discriminated against. You live a charmed life. What about kids that are smart, or too tall, or fat, or skinny, or have birth marks, or braces, or are handicapped. You live in a really small, and might I add, self centered world if you can only see that gays and lesbians get picked on or discriminated against. That is the objection to the gay pride flag. It narrows the discussion to a tiny group of kids. We've gone through all this before Kevins, you can't see the forest for the trees. Pray about it. Maybe it will come to you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Jason Wolford is a republican. He may also be a pastor, but he is also a republican.
The TVC and the so-called “love pac” were formed to foster discrimination, and that’s a fact no matter how you spin it. It was formed in the mistaken and misguided belief that the diversity flag was a gay pride flag. When told that was not the case, but of course it also includes gays, as well as Christians, Muslims and Jews, the group was formed because they do not want to be included with gays, it wants to exclude them and the group doesn’t believe they should be protected. No matter how you spin it that’s discrimination.

You are wrong, I can point out an example of the TVC kids discriminating or hurting a student in the school, and that is when they believe gays should not be included in the diversity of the school.

You asked a good question, “Why are gays and lesbians the only ones discriminated against.” I have no idea, but since you asked the question, maybe you can answer it. However, I don’t believe that’s true, but that’s the most obvious group being discriminated against at Howell High School right now. And I hardly “live a charmed life,” and I really don’t know what you mean by that remark.

“What about kids that are smart, or too tall, or fat, or skinny, or have birth marks, or braces, or are handicapped? There is a huge, huge difference between being discriminated against and being picked on. Tell me the last time a person who was smart, or too tall, or fat, or skinny, or have birth marks, or braces, or are handicapped was killed for being smart, or too tall, or fat, or skinny, or have birth marks, or braces, or are handicapped? Pray on it, maybe you will see the difference and that discrimination is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kevins - You are equating what happens to you and others with what happens in a school with children. The gay and lesbian children at school are teased, name called and bullied, just like those that are too tall, too short, wear braces, have handicapps and birthmarks. No one has killed a gay student, or kept them from going to school, or given them bad grades, etc. These are children and lots of them are teased, bullied and called names. What makes gay and lesbian problems any more important than the others? They aren't. What you are suggesting is that the other kids get discriminated against in favor of gays and lesbians. That's not fair. We are not suggesting, nor is the TVC, that anyone be discriminated, just the opposite, we are suggested that everyone be treated the same.
Jason Woolford is a friend of mine and he is not a Republican. He is a Pastor. He is not political at all. You, again, make statements of fact without knowing. Before you say one more time that that flag is not a gay pride flag - would you please image google "rainbow flag" and tell me that is not the flag flying at the Howell High School. IT IS!!!! We don't want the gay pride flag because it discriminates against kids that are not gay. Pure and simple. You are the discriminatory one in all this. Get out of yourself for a moment, if possible, and think about the kids.The TVE do not believe that gays should not be included in the diversity of the school. They simply suggest that ALL kids be included in the diversity of the school. Are you really this thick headed or are you just yanking my chain?

Anonymous said...

One point:
1) The P & A misrepresented the "40 teacher" event...the principal called a staff meeting and asked the entire staff to come for an explaination regarding the traditional values flag. 40 staff members attended, but all 40 were not "angry". In fact, only 3 or 4 people actually said anything. Most people came not because they were "angry", but because thier boss asked them to come down.

Anonymous said...

Is this Love group the ones who spray painted the "Love" graffitti all over the Howell High School campus last year?

I would never vote for those lunatics! Arthur should pay out of his own pocket to clean up the mess!

Anonymous said...

No, it was a group of students who rallied against the discrimination of gay and lesbians who did that. However, they paid to clean it up, as well as got an undeserved suspension.
They did what other group and students did, but for some reason they were singled out.

In the spring of 2005, a student who apparently supports traditional values wrote on the rock in the high school commons that students are allowed to write on "God hates fags" on the school rock. It could have been some of the people protesting at military funerals from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas, but I think it was a student. In any case, not much investigation went into finding out who wrote it.

Anyway, some students who were friends of the student the message was intended for decided to write the word ‘Love” over the message. However, because they are kids, they got carried away, and wrote the word all over, much the same as other students and groups had in the past. However, when caught, they confessed, offered to clean up the paint and pay expenses, which included $1,329.20 for sandblasting. However, three students, I believe, were suspended, and I think some of them were seniors and were not allowed to walk at graduation. Luckily, they had so much support from the community they held an alternate graduation for them.

In an ironic twist of fate, the discriminatory group that calls themselves the “LOVE” group hijacked the name and turned it into something ugly and discriminatory.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 4/18/2006 2:48 PM, it took so long for me to answer your misinformed rant, but I was actually trying to stop posting on this site because it’s such a waste of time trying to change closed minds. But it bothers me so much to see misinformation passed as fact.

Sir or Madam, you are right when you say, “The gay and lesbian children at school are teased, name called and bullied’ like other kids who may be different, but the difference here is most of those kids will grow out of that state of being too fat, tall or geeky. For gays and lesbians, that does not happen, and the people who are doing the “teasing, name calling and bullying” – which is still not acceptable for anyone- continues on to violence and even murder. That hate and discrimination has to start somewhere, and as they graduate from high school, often the hate goes with them and it graduates to violence against gays. I see no group showing up a military funerals saying, “God hates fat people.” Do you?

Sorry, I will again have to disagree with you that Jason Woolford is a republican. The VAN ID’s him as a “leaning republican.” And again, the rainbow flag is not a gay pride flag, it is a diversity flag, and it includes students who are gay, Christian, Muslim and everyone else. Even if it was a gay pride flag, which it is not, how would it discriminate against kids who are not gay? By that logic, the state flag of Michigan discriminates against people who do not live in Michigan. Your statement, “They simply suggest that ALL kids be included in the diversity of the school” means to me the rainbow flag would also include gay and lesbian kids. What’s the problem?

Are you really this thick headed or are you just yanking my chain?