Saturday, April 15, 2006

Granholm's Detroit Backers calling from 517 area code (Lansing area)

From the Detroit News

WJR-AM 760 radio host and Detroit News columnist Frank Beckmann says the governor's office called his studio Friday morning and asked about the program lineup. On the schedule was Detroit political analyst Adolph Mongo, who is an outspoken critic of the governor.

When Mongo got on the air, the station's telephone lines lit up with calls from young women purporting to live in Detroit and saying they were Granholm supporters. Producer Kevin Collard was suspicious. He did a star 69.

Turns out many of those calls all came from the 517 area code, which covers Lansing.

The closest the 517 area code comes to Detroit is Genoa Township between Howell and Brighton.


Anonymous said...

Well, there’s an unbiased source. Frank Beckman, a right-wing zealot spouting gop talking points on the not-so-great conservative voice of the Great Lakes. Its sad that a once proud, powerful Michigan radio station is falling by the wayside because the idiots who run the station have nothing but right-wing zealots spouting hate almost 24-hours a day. I guess that’s why for the first time ever WWJ beat them in the most recent ratings that came out a month ago.

I have e-mailed and called them to complain about the unbalanced, right wing attack. They are the most powerful station in one of the most liberal cities in America in a state that has went for a Democratic Presidential candidate since 1992, yet there is not one non-conservative voice on the station. Even Paul W Smith has subbed for rush Limbaugh. I just want a little balance for the more than 50 percent of the residents in Metro Detroit that vote Democratic. If they want to keep hannity, fine, then pick up a program from Air America or someone like Ed Shultz. The woman on the phone told me Mitch Albom was a liberal, and I said when Limbaugh started talking about the new Lions’ coach then I might buy into that.

I went to the link you provided, and there’s no byline or anything on who wrote that OPINION piece in the Detroit News. So his “producer” got suspicious, and we’re taking the word of a biased source that the calls came from a 517 area code. We all know how fair and balanced Beckman is, so I’m not buying it. Even if it was true, I know quite a few women who work in Lansing but live in Detroit, and Beckman has a morning workday morning show. A lot of the Detroit-area lawmakers have Detroit residents on their staffs, and they take one of those Michvans to work in Lansing.

Also, I live in Howell with a 517 area code on my home phone, but my cell phone has an 810 area code. Does that mean I live in Brighton or Flint? I don’t think so Dan.

Nice try smear try.

AuH2ORepublican said...

Kevins, don't you think that the likeliest explanation is that the same Granholm staffer who called the Detroit radio station earlier got other Granholm staffers from the state capital to call later on and claim to be pro-Granholm Detroiters?

Anonymous said...

That's what you got out of my post? Can you read?