Tuesday, April 04, 2006

March Madness Championship Game

While the Florida Gators are the NCAA national champions this year, we have another national championship game from Survey St Louis. Tom Tancredo vs Mike Pence.

It's currently not looking good for Pence, as the Tom Tancredo supporters are out in force. While Tom Tancredo's a good guy who brings many issues the establishment hates to the GOP debate, Mike Pence is the leading voice of fiscal conservatism in Washington.

We need to support fiscal conservatism and send a small, but important message to the party. Vote for Mike Pence!

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Writer said...

Tancredo is a member of the Republican Study Committee. Tancredo has an A rating for the national taxpayers union. Tancredo has a solid record of fiscal conservatism. Both he and Pence are good guys.