Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Political Matrix

Interesting political quiz over here.

My results:
Economic score: +5.94
Social score: 0.00

Your score pegs you as economically capitalist and socially centrist.

Capitalists generally support an open free market and lower taxes, but also support government restrictions on blatantly abusive industry. Capitalists also often differ from their more extreme peers in that, while they may support significantly lower taxes, they are less apt to support complete elimination of taxation or near-complete elimination of government.

Social centrists generally believe in a mix of individual liberties and controls, corresponding to what they see as moral or best for society.


Anonymous said...

Many questions were restrictive in their wording. I found myself having to answer neutral to questions I felt strongly about due to the language of the question.

Dan, BTW, your email address at the end of the blog doesn't work.

Dan said...

Take out the "NOSPAM" part of the email addy.

Keith Richards said...

I didn't like the way questions were worded either. Many times I felt conflicted between what the questions asked and what I thought they were actually looking for.

The analysis does bring out an interesting point that we don't often see discussion on - that while we often lump people into broad categories, in actual fact a persons political leanings are based on many factors and he/she may be conservative in some ways and liberal in others.

In the past conservatives were best known for being fiscally conservative and in favor of smaller government, yet many candidates now calling themselves conservative seem to consistantly vote for reckless spending budgets and laws which inject government more and more into our daily lives.

The more I watch national politics the more I struggle with the political labels in common use.

Anonymous said...

Do you think maybe the party you support doesn't really support your values?

Do you think you have just accepted what Republican's say about Democrats and not the truth, we don't want to take away your guns, we are people of faith, we don't like abortion anymore than you (we just have very different solutions) and we do believe that all people should be treated with dignity. Maybe this is where we really differ, we don't hate gays, people of color, poor people or those of faiths different fromm our own. I am so proud to be a Democrat!